Diablo 4 streamer loses Hardcore character while hyping up Season 1

Brianna Reeves
diablo 4 hardcore season 1

While trying to explain the positives of Diablo 4 Season 1, streamer DarthMicrotransaction lost his Hardcore character and instantly changed his mind about the season.

Diablo 4 players continue to grapple with the changes Blizzard’s thrown at them with the launch of Season 1. One particular trouble spot involves the transfer of renown between the Eternal Realm and the Seasonal Realm.

Before Season 1’s launch, developers explained that Hardcore characters needed to be alive for their renown progress to transfer.

Opinions on the news were mixed at first, but it seems actually losing that kind of progress can change minds.

Diablo 4 streamer changes mind about Season 1 after losing Hardcore build

While explaining why Season 1 works as is, Twitch streamer DarthMicrotransaction, or DM, experienced a sudden change of heart.

The moment happened as DM detailed the ins and outs of the Necromancer‘s Blood Mist ability. Just as he spoke of the Blood Mist explosion, an in-game explosion killed his character. Suddenly, DM’s efforts with the Hardcore Necromancer no longer matter to the Seasonal Realm.

“I actually just lost my Hardcore character while trying to explain this to you. I change my mind, I hate this season,” DM remarked.

A Reddit user shared a clip of the moment in the D4 subreddit, and it’s already made a splash with over 7,000 upvotes.

Some people in the Reddit thread were unsure whether the loss was genuine. After all, a pro-Season 1 content creator suddenly having their Diablo 4 Hardcore build killed off is good for business.

But DarthMicro himself joined the conversation to clarify that it wasn’t all smoke and mirrors. “I wish I was smart enough for this to be marketing and not me just being an idiot tbh. You can see me panic and try to grab my mouse when I saw the circle. Rip 6 hours.”

Regardless, the debate about how Hardcore character progress transfers to Season 1 likely won’t stop anytime soon.