Diablo 4 players discover best Dungeon & Stronghold for fast XP gain

Andrew Highton
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Some interesting findings have found that one Diablo 4 Dungeon and Stronghold is head and shoulders above the rest. This is in terms of its XP viability, time to complete, and various other relevant factors.

Whether you’re at the beginning of the game or near the end grinding your way to Level 100, knowing the best and most efficient ways of earning XP in Diablo 4 is paramount. More so for those looking to reach the max level, especially in the midst of an intense Hardcore run.

To make things easier, one Diablo 4 player has conducted unbelievable amounts of research by completing all Dungeons and Strongholds and comparing the data. When all is said and done, it would appear that location is the pinnacle of the game’s XP-earning potential.

Sarat’s Lair is Diablo 4’s best Dungeon for XP

Diablo 4 subreddit user Drybear explained to the community: “I hand-tested every single permanent Dungeon and Stronghold in the game and compared them together for clear speed, mob density, and how valuable your time is per second spent in that encounter. These are my findings.”

They then presented an explainer of how they came to their findings, as well as a complete table of every Diablo 4 Dungeon and Stronghold. They listed its location, the minimum level required to do it, a scale of how long it takes to do, and the XP received in Solo and Group play.

According to their findings, Sarat’s Lair ranks number one for both Solos and Groups in terms of maximizing XP gain. Not only that, but on the user’s speed scale, it ranked 4/5 in terms of speediness too.

The OP also added that: “World Tier 1 is better in almost every scenario. World Tier 2 can be thought of as a “Hard Mode” for leveling that will give you a challenge if you enjoy that sort of thing. However, outside of near-perfect optimization, it’s a slower leveling difficulty. It also has the same drops as WT1.”

Bear in mind that Sarat’s Lair is statistically the best Dungeon, according to Drybear. In terms of the best Stronghold, that would actually be Temple of Rot. Again though, if you’re looking to ensure you obtain the best XP possible, it’s recommended you should stick to Sarat’s Lair.

Some users were quick to point out though that all this data could change with Diablo 4 Season 1. It remains to be seen, but the Season of the Malignant update could affect multiple variables where Dungeons and Strongholds are concerned. We’ll have to wait and see if the data does indeed change as a result.

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