Diablo 4 players make history with world’s first Tier-100 Nightmare Dungeon clear on Hardcore

Ethan Dean
The Angel Inarius Diablo 4

After the recent announcement from Blizzard that 1,000 players had reached level 100 on Diablo 4’s Hardcore mode, many thought there were no more mountains to climb in the title. We were wrong. Two players have become the first to complete one of the game’s hardest challenges under the game’s harshest restriction.

For the uninitiated, Diablo 4’s Hardcore mode is a permadeath challenge meaning that if your character dies, they’re completely wiped from existence. No resets, no do-overs.

The investment and challenge involved are so great that Blizzard even chose to immortalize the first 1000 players in Diablo 4 who reached max level on the mode. After a few hiccups with the announcement and some subsequent smoothing over, these players’ Battle.net tags have been etched into a statue at Blizzard HQ.

Now, shortly after, two players have completed an arguably greater challenge. Hardcore mode players AlAlon and Riise charged a Tier-100 Nightmare Dungeon with a pair of Necromancers and lived to tell the tale.

AlAlon announced the feat in a tweet over the weekend with accompanying screenshots that proved their claim. Users in the comments heaped praise on the demonic duo calling the achievement “legendary”.

AlAlon described the harrowing experience as “tough, but so rewarding” and thanked Adam Fletcher and the team at Blizzard for their work on the game.

To even attempt the challenge, the pair would have had to run countless other Nightmare Dungeons on the game’s highest-difficulty setting. Only being able to try after farming materials to craft a Tier-100 Nightmare Sigil.

The pair achieved the “legendary” run using a pair of Necromancers, at least one of which used a Bone Spear build to maximize potential crit damage. Both had a squad of skeletal minions to draw agro and buff their max Essence via Legendary Affixes.

necromancer class in diablo 4
You just know this Necromancer is running Bone Spear as well.

AlAlon says the dungeon took them over an hour and 40 minutes to complete and while the in-game rewards were fairly standard, “it was only about the challenge”.

If you’re looking to build yourself a powerful master of the undead and attempt the gauntlet yourself, check out our Necromancer guide. They’re sure to be a popular choice in Diablo 4’s upcoming Season of the Malignant in which new mechanics promise to make builds “stupidly powerful”.

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