Diablo 4 developers will nerf billion-damage builds soon

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Blizzard developers say the team plans on nerfing the billion-damage builds that Diablo 4 players have made possible.

Since the game’s launch over a month ago, Diablo 4 players have managed to craft more than their fair share of impressive builds. Even the oft-maligned Druid class has come out on top in some circles.

This especially holds true given that one player’s Druid build crossed the threshold of dealing damage in the billions.

The player in question, YouTuber Moxsy, said the billion-damage character was made possible by damage-buffing Legendary Aspects mixed with the Druid’s Shred skill and Critical Strike assurances. Such overpowered builds won’t remain in play for too much longer.

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Blizzard to crack down on billion-damage builds in Diablo 4

After footage of the incredible feat performed by Moxsy went viral online, Blizzard issued a statement to PC Gamer addressing the matter.

A studio representative told the publication that such a high damage output for players simply shouldn’t be possible. As such, developers are working on a way to better balance the experience in this regard.

Blizzard’s spokesperson wrote, “This behavior is unintentional. The team is looking at changing it in the near future in order to improve the balance.”

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Moxsy’s breakdown of their Druid who can deal 1.8 billion damage is in the video below:

The Blizzard rep didn’t specify when the balance changes will go live, so there may still be time for curious Diablo 4 players to try their hand at a billion-damage build.

Interestingly, Moxsy’s accomplishment was eclipsed earlier this week by another content creator. YouTuber Rob2628 managed to inflict undecillion damage (a number with 36 zeroes) with a very specific, nigh-on unfathomable Barbarian build.

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It seems Blizzard developers will have their work cut out for them when making balance adjustments for these types of characters.

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