Blizzard reverts Diablo 4 World Tier changes after player outrage

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Blizzard has announced they’ll be reverting controversial changes to the level requirements for World Tiers in Diablo 4 after a wave of player outrage.

Diablo 4 has been a monumental success for Blizzard. The continuation of their beloved ARPG series has seen huge figures in terms of sales and player count alike, breaking several records for the iconic dev team. Now, season 1 aka Season of the Malignant has just kicked off in Diablo 4, the first of many seasons to introduce content to the game.

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As the new season has just started, players will need to restart a new seasonal character to reap the rewards of the season. This includes leveling up the battle pass and partaking in the new content on offer. When restarting a new character players will need to begin all the way back from level 1 once again, training up their character as they progress through the season.

Fortunately, more veteran players of the game tend to play the game on the higher World Tiers of 3 and 4, which net bonus experience and loot to account for the difficulty increase. In a recent patch, Blizzard introduced a barrier to entry on both World Tier 3 and 4, being level 40 and 60 respectively. However, due to recent player backlash, developers at Blizzard have confirmed they’ll be reverting these controversial changes.

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Diablo 4 dev confirms World Tier 3 and 4 level requirement reverts

Community Development Director Adam Fletcher responded to a tweet confirming that “We will be removing the level requirement for World Tier 3 & 4.”

This means that players will be able to hop into the higher-difficulty World Tiers as soon as they’d like, meaning those with experience can jump in and reap the benefits immediately.

The revert is a huge quality-of-life bonus to veteran players and will be more than welcome by the Diablo 4 community who have not been too pleased with the current Season 1 changes.

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