Asmongold warns Diablo 4 will bleed players if Blizzard waits too long to “fix sh*t”

Michael Gwilliam
asmongold worried about diablo 4

Twitch streamer Asmongold is concerned that Diablo 4 may not be able to hold onto its player base if Blizzard doesn’t step up and fix some of the game’s big issues.

Diablo 4 has been a mammoth hit for Blizzard, breaking all sorts of records for the company, but it hasn’t been without some flaws.

In addition to server issues and ongoing button delays, some players have even claimed the game literally puts them to sleep.

While Blizzard has promised fixes, the fact they could take quite a while to deploy has Asmongold warning that this could cause players to move on to other games unless the devs take swift action.

Asmongold says Blizzard needs to fix Diablo 4 immediately

During a recent broadcast, Asmongold was watching a video about Diablo 4 being in jeopardy and chimed in that by not moving quickly to fix problems, Blizzard could alienate fans.

“I think what’s really going to make or break the game in the next six months is if Blizzard actually fixes things proactively,” the MMO streamer explained. “There are obvious problems in the game right now, and the fixes for these problems are being withheld to a date after a date that we don’t even know.”

For instance, the devs have promised to fix inferior Resistances in Season 2, but Season 1 won’t start until mid-July, so fans don’t have a concrete date on when to expect that update.

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“What the f**k am I playing season one for?” Asmongold asked. “Why do we have to wait for Season 2? This is outrageous. How do you expect people to just sit around for a random amount of time until you decide to get off your ass and fix the game?”

The streamer went on to accuse Blizzard of making players continue to experience a “certifiable worse version” for at least three months.

When someone in chat proposed that the consoles may be to blame, Asmongold hit back, saying the same thing has happened in other Blizzard games and that the company has a record of taking “too long to fix sh*t.”

We’ll have to see if hell freezes over and Blizzard heeds Asmongold’s warning or if these concerns fall on deaf ears.

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