Where to find the Loot Cave easter egg in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

the original loot cave in destiny 1Bungie

Bungie’s new Beyond Light expansion has heralded the return of arguably Destiny’s most famous exploit ever. The legendary “Loot Cave” has returned to the game. We’ll instruct you on how to find the easter egg in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

It’s amazing how one single, minuscule cave, in the overall scheme of things, can still maintain a storied legacy. Destiny 1 was a game years in the making and people could not contain their excitement for it. So it’s amusing to think much of its early chatter was about a cave of endlessly spawning enemies.

The old “Murdercave” as it was known, was eventually ceased after Bungie became discouraged by many of their player base taking advantage of its endless loot. So an update removed live enemies and replaced them with charred ones to symbolically close the chapter on it.

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But it’s back! We’re going to tell you how and where to find the Loot Cave easter egg in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, so you too can bask in its lore.

Where is the loot cave?

loot cave easter egg in destiny 2 beyond lightBungie
Head to that red circle.

There are plenty of Destiny 2 players that perhaps missed out on the original game’s offerings. So to them, the Cosmodrome will be just another location. For Destiny veterans, this is where it all began, and players will be coming full-circle.

As part of the Beyond Light update, some parts of the Cosmodrome have been dug out of the content vault and restored. This includes the notorious Loot Cave too.

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If you head to the location seen in the picture above, you’ll see we’ve identified a specific location with a red circle. That is the very cave itself, dart towards it in a straight line and you’ll arrive at your destination.

What you’ll find there

inside the loot cave easter egg in destiny 2 beyond lightBungie
The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Have the Hive returned to reclaim what was once theirs? Is there a super-secret message written on a wall waiting to be decrypted by the internet?

Actually…no. All you’ll find there is pretty much what was there in Destiny 1, and a chest. Some charred remains and memories of what once was, which is a bit disappointing really. However, Bungie has at least kept the ability to “Disturb the Remains”.

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By performing this action, a distorted, haunted message will echo repeating “A million deaths are not enough for Master Rahool. ”

So what are you waiting for? Go and check it out!