New Destiny 2 change is so broken that even aimbots won’t work

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted Trials of Osiris armorBungie

Bungie’s controversial aerial effectiveness changes in Destiny 2 have caused players no end of headaches — including players using aimbot exploits.

Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted brought in some big changes alongside its new season pass, artifact, and exotic weapons.

Bungie’s loot-shooter is always receiving balancing tweaks, but this season saw a radical overhaul of “airborne effectiveness”, which loosely tallies with how accurate your Guardian is in the air.

What makes it tricky is that airborne effectiveness is a hidden stat, meaning you’ll need to use the likes of Destiny Item Manager to find out what your value from 0 to 100 is. The higher the value, the more accurate you’ll be.

There’s a lot more to it than that, of course, and Bungie’s blog post from May has a handy Q&A section, but Destiny 2 players have been having no end of trouble just getting shots to land since the change.

Destiny 2 airborne effectiveness stat stops players from hitting shots

You can check out a clip showing Gigz and TheLastAJ, two Destiny 2 content creators, showcasing how inconsistent the stat appears to be below:

As you can see, neither player moves an inch, but while one is in the air, they’re completely unable to secure a headshot. They’re not alone, either, as plenty of players have been experiencing the same thing.

In perhaps one of the more comical turns, though, it appears that even a Destiny 2 aimbot isn’t immune to whiffing sniper shots once the player leaves the ground.

The player shown in the clip, who streams as MiffysWorld, is shown using the aimbot in a private match, only for the crosshair to go over an opponent, and fail to hit them before landing.

Miffysworld then turns once landed, and despite being low on health, kills the opponent with a single shot — showing that the aimbot is, in fact, working correctly while on the ground.

Whether Bungie tweaks airborne effectiveness or considers these instances a bug is yet to be seen, but given the high-stakes action of Trials Of Osiris, it’s the kind of thing players will want an update on soon.

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