Destiny 2’s Season of the Seraph brings momentous epilogue ahead of Lightfall

season of the seraph rasputin ana osirisBungie

Destiny 2’s Season of the Seraph just released its epilogue and with it came a momentous and emotional finale. Tying together all the story beats of the Season with Ana Bray, Rasputin, and Eramis, the epilogue delivered a conclusion that has left a foreboding future ahead for Lightfall.

Destiny 2’s newest expansion Lightfall is just around the corner, and as such Bungie is looking to prepare players for the story ahead. With several seasons in between the previous expansion Witch Queen, and the one yet to be released, Bungie has been slowly chipping away at the story, revealing small details at a time.

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Season of the Seraph, aka Season 19 is the latest we’ve received from Bungie and revolves around Anastasia Bray and her relationship with her artificial intelligence companion Rasputin. Throughout the season Guardians have been assisting Ana and Rasputin to regain control of his Warsat network and pry it away from the forces of Xivu Arath.

With the season nearing its end, Bungie has released the epilogue for its storyline. The epilogue comes in the form of Abhorrent Imperative, a story mission that serves as the final encounter of the season, essentially wrapping everything up.

The mission is currently live for all Destiny 2 players, regardless of if you currently have the season pass for the content.

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SPOILER ALERT: The next part of this story will contain spoilers for the mission of Abhorrent Imperative in Destiny 2, as well as the finale cutscene that follows afterward.

season of the seraph cutscene ana bray osirisBungie
Season of the Seraph heavily features Ana Bray with Rasputin.

Abhorrent Imperative sees the Guardians head up to the Seraph station once again, this time with Rasputin, planning to end Eramis’ plans once and for all. The difficulty of the mission isn’t a joke either, with the “Legendary” modifier turned on resulting in greater enemy numbers and heavily shielded combatants.

Alongside this, the power for this mission is locked at 1350, meaning no guardian can be over-leveled for this mission, making it far less of a pushover than most normal content. Once the Guardian successfully infiltrates the Seraph station and is able to upload Rasputin, the mission ends and a new cutscene plays.

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This cutscene details the Traveller being pulled away from the Last City, with its denizens fearfully looking up into the sky as it leaves. Eramis is able to prime Rasputin’s Warsats at the Traveller, preparing to end the entity. However, with the Guardian’s work of uploading Rasputin, he’s successfully able to disrupt the Warsats.

season of the seraph ana bray rasputin in helmBungie
Rasputin takes the form of an exo-body in the Helm in Season of the Seraph.

In order to do so, however, he must be shut down permanently, acknowledging that this is the only way to stop Eramis. Ana Bray is forced to unplug Rasputin, ending one of her closest companion’s life.

With Eramis’ plan foiled, it seems that all was fine. Eramis questioned the Witness, wondering why the Traveller is not fleeing. However, it is revealed that the Traveller is being encroached on by several pyramid ships, and has nowhere left to run.

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This story will undoubtedly lead into Lightfall’s story and is left on a cliffhanger to keep tensions high just before the release. Unfortunately, we won’t know what happens to the Traveller until Lightfall releases on February 28th, 2023.