Game-breaking Destiny double XP farm uncovered in The Final Shape

Joe Pring
A Titan sniping in Destiny 2 PvP.

Destiny 2’s latest expansion has gone live, meaning a new Power Level grind is in order. Once Guardians have seen The Final Shape’s campaign through to its conclusion, the gearing process for Salvation’s Edge begins, and it’s being helped with a double XP farm.

Even though The Final Shape has only been live for a few hours, the community has already stumbled upon what’s guaranteed the most efficient means of ensuring their fellow Guardians are Raid-ready.

YouTuber Gigz has released a video documenting a loot and XP farm that requires minimum effort to take full advantage of. The only prerequisite? Friends.

As Gigz explains, Private Crucible matches are currently awarding loot and progress towards completing objectives on The Final Shape’s new Pathfinder system. Introduced as a replacement for Bounties, completing a full string of Pathfinder missions yields Powerful Engrams and other rewards needed to increase Power.

Setting each Private Match to the fastest respawn time and minimum kills required for victory optimizes the process further. Participants need at least one kill to get loot rewards at a match’s end.

Comments on Gigz’s video claim that Catalysts for Exotic weapons Wicked Implement and Final Warning can be obtained from Private Matches and that K/D/A stats are affected. Both reports are unconfirmed.

The question that underlines Gigz’s video is whether this is an intentional feature. Considering Private Matches never conferred any loot or Bounty progress before The Final Shape, it’s a safe bet to say Guardians’ new XP farm is the result of an oversight.

That being the case, anyone in the market for quick gains will want to take full advantage before Bungie inevitably pulls the plug.

Alternatively, if you’re still moving through The Final Shape’s campaign, check out the full mission list and how to reach all of the refreshed Power caps introduced with the DLC.

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