Game-breaking Destiny 2 invisibility bug threatens integrity of Lightfall’s Raid Race

Liam Ho
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An invisibility bug has been affecting Destiny 2 players post-Lightfall launch, causing concerns about the integrity of the World’s First Race as Root of Nightmares draws near.

Destiny 2’s Lightfall has been a bit of a mixed bag from Bungie. Whilst we were gifted with several system and quality-of-life updates, the feedback of the campaign left things to be desired. On top of that, the game has been plentiful with bugs, causing Bungie to completely disable certain weapons that they’ve deemed particularly problematic.

Exotics such as Winterbite and Jötunn have seen bugs allowing them to deal far more damage than usual. As such they’ve already been taken out of play for a decent chunk of activities.

However, it’s not only weapons that are seemingly causing havoc for Bungie, as now subclasses and systems are now becoming problematic for the game too. All of this coming in close proximity to the Root of Nightmares Raid on March 10.

Players have now discovered a glitch in Destiny 2 that causes their character to become strangely invisible, with only a faint outline of them left in view. This bug can also cause the players’ weapons to become translucent, meaning they can no longer see their crosshairs or sights.

Bungie investigating potential fixes for invisibility bug in leadup to Raid Race

Bungie has stated in a tweet that they’re aware of the issue and are currently looking into solutions. They also expressed that they believe the issue has something to do with the new commendation system added into the game, as the player models of Guardians are loaded in to show who was in your fireteam.

Players have expressed concerns about the bug, which could spell disaster for the upcoming World’s First Raid Race. Having a teammate go invisible suddenly whilst trying to coordinate during the race may cause havoc among fireteam members, who are already struggling with ADs and mechanics.

Alongside this, Bungie’s main method of fixing the bug at the moment is via disconnecting and relaunching the game. This wouldn’t be such a problem for players participating in regular PvE activities, as a disconnect won’t set you back much. But in a raid setting, it could mean the difference between a World’s First Clear and second place.

Bungie announces invisibility bug fix won’t come out until after Lightfall Raid Race

Bungie has announced in their March 9th TWAB that they’ve found a solution to the bug, however, it won’t be going out until March 16, 6 days after the World’s First Race. Unfortunately, this means Day 1 raiders may be affected by this whilst Bungie looks to implement the fix.