Destiny 2: Lightfall raid race could be in danger due to new Blinding effect bug

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Destiny 2’s raid race for “The Root of Nightmares” could see major issues after players discovered a new bug when using the exotic machine gun Grand Overture.

Lightfall’s raid The Root of Nightmares is set to release to Destiny 2 players on March 10, 2023. With the raid race being so close, players have been gearing up and exploring the best possible load-outs to bring with them. Raid races have always been an exciting event in Destiny 2, bringing together the community and viewers to see how the best teams tackle whatever Bungie has laid before them.

In line with the momentous event, are the rewards that Bungie gives out to the team that is able to clear the raid the fastest. This means players are striving to grab that World’s First title, as well as the one-of-a-kind belt that comes with winning.

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However, the World’s First race for The Root of Nightmares may come in jeopardy, due to the several bugs that have been discovered upon the release of Lightfall. Some of these bugs have involved the new Strand subclass, whilst others have featured the new Lightfall exotics. The newest bug however features an older exotic, The Grand Overture.

Grand Overture’s catalyst allows it to blind enemies with its missile explosions, making it a great weapon for defending yourself against powerful combatants. Players have discovered that when using another weapon with “Explosive/ Timed Payload” in conjunction with the exotic, all payload effects blind enemies

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This is an incredibly powerful effect, as Blinding an enemy essentially renders them unable to fire their weapon. Therefore Blinding effects are usually uncommon and generally require an exotic or an ability to proc, however with the bug in effect even primary weapons are capable of blinding.

This bug could easily jeopardize the World’s First Race, as Contest Mode will grant the enemies bonus resistances against guardians, whilst also making them more lethal. Having a blinding effect handy at all times during an event like this could break the difficulty of the encounters, and thus, tarnish the day-one experience.

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Bungie has yet to disable Grand Overture as of writing, meaning that the bug is still available for all players to use. It’s likely the Destiny developers will look to disable the exotic in the coming hours, as they already have done so for other bugged exotics such as Winterbite.