Bungie rushes to disable Destiny 2: Lightfall Stasis Exotic ahead of new raid

Liam Ho
winterbite destiny 2

Destiny 2 Lightfall players have discovered a bug causing a new exotic to deal massive unintentional damage, forcing Bungie to disable it ahead of the World’s first raid race.

Lightfall has been a bit of a struggle for Destiny 2, with a lukewarm reception to the campaign, players have been feeling let down compared to the Witch Queen’s launch. Fortunately, Bungie still has the raid “Root of Nightmares” coming, meaning players have something to look forward to.

Alongside the new raid, players are only just beginning to toy around with the new exotics released in Lightfall. This paired with the new Strand subclass has made for some rather unique interactions that have creative players thriving. However, one of the new exotics, Winterbite, has been causing quite a ruckus recently due to a certain bug.

Winterbite is an Exotic Stasis Glaive placed in the Heavy slot. Its exotic perk allows it to fire off a ball of Stasis energy that tracks nearby targets and freezes them. Glaives aren’t generally considered to be the greatest weapons in Destiny 2. However, Winterbite is coming up as a pretty big exception to the rule.

It appears that Winterbite is able to proc the Stasis keyword Shatter when firing at enemies, which occurs when an enemy is frozen and then broken out of it. However, when multiple players on the same fireteam use the weapon, the glaive deals ridiculously high amounts of damage, essentially allowing it to one-shot most bosses.

Players have theorized that this is due to Shatter proccing infinitely as the Stasis orbs travel through the boss. Quite literally melting any enemy it comes into contact with. This is obviously incredibly problematic, and testing has shown that it can be replicated quite often. This has Bungie concerned about the validity of the weapon.

Bungie disables Winterbite ahead of World’s First Race

Bungie has since disabled the exotic for use as they work on a fix. Announcing via Twitter that it has been disabled for all raids, dungeons, and Gambit where the weapon is affected.

It’s uncertain if Winterglaive will be fixed by the time the World’s First race of “The Root of Nightmares” begins on March 10. However, until that time, it appears that Winterglaive might have to remain on ice.

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