How to watch Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares raid race: Schedule, streams, more

Destiny 2 Lightfall The Witness cinematicBungie

The Root of Nightmares raid is almost upon us in Destiny 2: Lightfall and thus, so too is the next raid race. From when the competition kicks off to a look at how it all works, here’s everything you need to know.

Raid races are unlike anything else in Destiny 2. From the moment doors open on the latest endgame activity, thousands are glued to their screens in hopes of etching their names in the history books and walking out the challenge first.

It’s a prestigious day for all involved and as a result, it’s often the biggest day of each calendar year when it comes to viewership online. Things are sure to be no different here in the Lightfall era as the Root of Nightmares raid draws near.

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So before it all gets underway, here’s all you need to know about the upcoming Root of Nightmares raid race in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares raid gameplayBungie
Root of Nightmares is sure to provide another thrilling raid race for Destiny fans.

How to watch the Root of Nightmares raid race in Destiny 2

The Root of Nightmares raid will appear in Destiny 2’s Director at 9AM PST on Friday, March 10, 2023. From this moment on, players all around the globe will be launching the activity and rushing to be the first through.

For those not actively participating on the day, you can of course watch along as Fireteams try to figure out each encounter. Raid races are always among the biggest moments in Destiny 2, as tens of thousands tune in across Twitch and YouTube to cheer on their favorite players.

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From the likes of former raid race winners in KingGothalion and Gladd to the ever-heartbreaking Datto still seeking his first win, plenty of big-name content creators will be jumping in as per usual. We’ve embedded some of the biggest Destiny 2 stars below for you to watch along live when action gets underway.

This time around, there’s also another way to watch as Twitch Rivals is set to keep on top of the raid race, serving as a hub for viewers throughout the run. In theory, this broadcast should be the best way to keep on top of the leading team, if said team happens to be streaming on Twitch.

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Twitch Rivals




How the Root of Nightmares raid race works in Destiny 2

As the name implies, a raid race is all about crossing the finish line first. Fireteams from around the globe all jump in right away and try their best to complete the full raid before any other squad.

No different from usual, the Root of Nightmares raid has Contest Mode enabled for the first 48 hours. This means all teams are on equal footing going in. The race itself then boils down to strategies and execution, rather than simply winning due to your Power Level. All teams are capped at 1,780 Power in each encounter.

The ultimate victor will be the squad that clears each encounter in the raid on their way to defeating the final boss. With previous raids, this has been a fairly straightforward affair, taking the world’s best only a few hours to accomplish. But in some instances, like with the Last Wish, we’ve seen world firsts take a staggering 19 hours to complete. It’s anyone’s guess just how long the Root of Nightmares race may take.

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Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares Raid Race world championshipBungie
The winning team will walk away with this custom Root of Nightmares belt.

For the Fireteam that manages to come out on top, however, a unique reward will be theirs. As is tradition, Bungie designs a custom championship belt for all six players and we’re sure to see this year’s iteration in just a matter of days.

Twitch drops active during Root of Nightmares raid race

This time around, Twitch drops will be enabled during the Lightfall raid race. Two exclusive emblems are on offer for those who watch select streams on Twitch at certain times.

  • Dim Italics Emblem – Watch at least 2 hours between 8:30AM – 12:30PM PST on March 10.
  • Particle Acceleration Emblem – Watch 2 hours in the first 48 hours from March 10.
Dim Italics emblem in Destiny 2Bungie
Dim Italics
Particle Acceleration emblem in Destiny 2Bungie

Be sure to check back often and watch along here as we’ll keep you updated with the full results of the Root of Nightmares raid race once things get underway on March 10.

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