Bungie disables yet another Destiny 2 Exotic in lead up to Lightfall’s raid race

Liam Ho
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Destiny 2’s Lightfall raid race has forced Bungie to disable another exotic, this time, Jötunn, to prevent players from abusing bugs in Root of Nightmares.

It seems like Bungie can’t catch a break recently, with the divisive feedback from players about Destiny 2’s Lightfall, to the several bugs and glitches that have been appearing within the game. Bungie has had a rough time trying to fix the issues and quell player issues.

Unfortunately for the Destiny 2 developers, a new bug has appeared that has caused them to go in and disable another Exotic. This time the exotic Fusion Rifle Jötunn has been causing quite some problems and has now been disabled in all Raids and Dungeons. Bungie didn’t state what the exact glitch was, just expressing that the weapon had an issue with it. Jötunn is not the first exotic to be disabled, with the new Stasis Glaive Winterbite being the first to be taken away.

Alongside this, several other bugs have been discovered by players that are yet to be addressed by Bungie, including a Blinding effect bug and a damage bug with Hunter’s new Strand super Silkstrike.

The disabling of the community-known toaster Jötunn comes in the wake of the World’s First Raid Race for The Root of Nightmares, Lightfall’s raid. Jötunn was bugged earlier in PvP according to YouTuber Cheese Forever, as players were able to pick up insane amounts of ammo per special brick while wearing a new Solar Scavenger modification.

It’s uncertain whether or not this bugged could occur in PvE situations, but it’s possible that the same exploit meant PvE players could amass tonnes of ammo for the weapon. Similarly, Jötunn has also had a bug in previous Destiny expansions that would allow it to deal far higher than intended damage, provided the user also damaged themselves in the process.

Bungie seems committed to ensuring that the World’s First Race is kept fair, swiftly disabling any bugs or glitches that threaten the competitive nature of the raid race.

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