Destiny 2 players concerned over wild framerate bug altering damage ahead of Lightfall’s raid

destiny 2 thresher bugBungie

Destiny 2 players have become further concerned about a prevalent framerate damage bug in Lightfall, one that could potentially affect the Root of Nightmares raid race.

Lightfall has recently been released to the live servers of Destiny 2, bringing with it new content including a campaign, subclass, and location. However, Lightfall has also brought about several bugs that have made the player base quite concerned. From exotics to subclasses to UI bugs, Destiny 2 has become quite a troubled game since the new expansion rolled out.

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This is particularly problematic as the game heads toward the release of the Lightfall raid. Bungie will be hosting a World first raid race for The Root of Nightmares, and as such players are concerned that the integrity of the competition will be affected by bugs. Several of these bugs are quite severe, and can easily break the balance or competitiveness of the game.

Bungie has taken steps toward mitigating the problems caused by the bugs, including investigating several fixes and disabling exotics that they deem game-breaking. While Bungie has been doing all it can to resolve the issues, it appears that more bugs just keep popping up.

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Unfortunately, another bug has now been brought into the spotlight by the Destiny 2 community. The player base has brought further attention to a damage bug that has been in the game for quite some time, expressing that it has only been exacerbated by Lightfall’s release.

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The damage bug in question allows players on lower FPS to take significantly less damage from certain attacks. This means that players can intentionally limit their frames per second in order to gain an advantage during the World’s first raid race, potentially throwing out the integrity of the competition.

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It appears that the bug only occurs for certain damage types, as reported by Paul Tassi, “ Cabal Thresher ships will one-shot you with missiles which for some reason, have hugely increased damage tied to frame rate. I believe this is true for Cabal Interceptors too.”

The player base has been aware of this bug for quite some time and has asked Bungie for a fix to this problem. However, it seems that Bungie hasn’t been able to do so just yet, and now players are discovering even more ways for it to occur.

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Bungie has yet to state if they’re investigating the bug, but until such a time, players will just have to hope the issue can be solved by the time the World’s first comes around.