Everything we expect to see at Bungie’s big Destiny 2 showcase on August 24

Destiny 2 Witch Queen Showcase Art Bungie With LogoBungie

Bungie’s highly anticipated Destiny 2 showcase is nearly here, and fans continue to speculate endlessly on what the studio has planned. Here’s everything we think will be shown during the Witch Queen event on August 24.

On July 7, Bungie sent their fans into a frenzy with the announcement of a Destiny 2 showcase planned for August 24. With a simple tagline of “survive the truth,” and some clearly Witch Queen-inspired key art, fans were, unsurprisingly, quite hyped.

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While the studio has remained mostly tight-lipped about exactly what they have in store for the event, there’s been no shortage of speculation on what might be revealed, and fan expectations have soared through the roof as the hype continues to grow.

As the big day draws closer and Bungie gears up to show off hours-worth of new content, we break down all of the major reveals, confirmations, and teases that we expect (or just hope) to see during the jam-packed Destiny 2 Witch Queen showcase event.

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Destiny 2 Reveal Video Beyond Light 2020 Luke Smith Mark NoseworthyBungie
Fans have high hopes for Bungie’s latest entry in their annual deep-dive video series.

A first in-depth look at The Witch Queen

Even without the obvious indications that Bungie has shared so far, most Destiny 2 fans would assume that an event of this scale (and with its timing) would heavily feature the game’s next major expansion, in this case 2022’s Witch Queen.

With several major leaks and the typical rumors already swirling about what the Witch Queen will add to the game, many players expect to see the first reveal of the expansion’s new locale, Destiny 2’s second Darkness subclass, and perhaps even more.

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Destiny 2 The Witch Queen 2022 Expansion Cover Art Hive SavathunBungie
The showcase will likely reveal plenty of new details on next year’s Witch Queen expansion.

New details on Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost

While many fans expected to see the first glimpse of Destiny 2’s next season at the showcase, the initial reveal of Season 15 actually came earlier than expected.

As info on the new season began to spread across social media leading up to the event, Bungie officially confirmed that Season 15 will, in fact, be labeled Season of the Lost, and that more information on the game’s next seasonal content drop will be revealed during the showcase.

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Halo crossover for Bungie anniversary event

Destiny might be the studio’s crown jewel now, but Bungie staked their first claim to fame by developing the original Halo Trilogy — what many gamers consider to be some of the best FPS experiences ever made.

Fans have always clamored for a crossover between Bungie’s original IP and Destiny 2, and if some Season 14 leaks are to be believed, it looks like that crossover could finally be in store. If those rumors turn out to be true, there’s a good chance Bungie could confirm them during the showcase.

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Halo 5 Guardians Magnum Pistol Destiny Crossover343 Industries
Some fans believe Halo’s iconic Magnum pistol could make an appearance in Destiny 2.

Expanding Destiny across movies, TV, more

In early 2021, Bungie announced that Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy had transitioned from overseeing the development of Destiny 2 to managing the creation of a ‘Destiny Universe,’ which would “expand the Destiny IP and bring new stories and experiences to their highly engaged community [via] additional media.”

More than a year has passed since that announcement, and while the release of any alternative Destiny media is likely a ways off, the event could show some early glimpses of what Bungie has in store for their expansion of the franchise through the Destiny Universe.

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Destiny 1 Live Action Trailer Bungie PlayStation TV Show MediaBungie
Destiny’s expansion into other media, such as live-action TV, could be teased at the event.

The first teaser for Bungie’s next IP, ‘Matter’

While the Destiny franchise remains Bungie’s main focus, eagle-eyed observers have already spotted bits and pieces of information that hint at what the developer has planned next.

In addition to a mysterious trademark for ‘Matter,’ job listings at Bungie have also hinted that the studio is currently working on a title (or titles) that contain esports elements like Valorant or CS:GO, and a potential free-to-play structure as well.

Similar to the expansion of Destiny into other forms of media, Bungie’s next IP is likely still in the early stages of development, but if the studio does have anything to share on its next big project, there would be no better time to share it than the Destiny showcase event on August 24.

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