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Bungie finally adding Destiny 2 anti-cheat and players are already celebrating

Published: 20/Aug/2021 15:23

by Sam Comrie


Destiny 2 players can rejoice as more cheating countermeasures are on the way. Bungie will be implementing a huge change going forward. 

Since launching in 2017, Destiny 2’s trajectory has barely faltered. As of February 2021, Bungie’s looter shooter has over 31 million players exploring its worlds. Keeping players around with seasonal updates promising lucrative rewards and more, the fanbase has never been stronger. 

Even with this much success, there are bound to be problems along the way. The community has been overwhelmingly vocal about the importance of Anti-Cheat measures.

While Bungie claims Destiny 2 already has such features in place, this hasn’t deterred devious players from exploiting the game. The day has come for this to end though, as the devs are preparing to clamp down on cheaters properly. 


Destiny 2 has built up a loyal fanbase over the years.

BattlEye saves the day

Failing to discourage cheaters with concrete solutions, Destiny 2’s in-game cheating measures are in need of an upgrade. The prayers of players have been answered, as BattlEye Anti-Cheat support is coming to the game. Bungie have been updating their support pages across various regions, which caused players to take notice of the upcoming change. 

BattlEye is notable for providing support across Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, and PUBG respectively. This won’t be a permanent solution to bolster cheaters, but it is definitely a much-needed upgrade to protect the player experience. 

Players can begin the celebrations, as Bungie have confirmed the welcomed change is coming next season.


Translated from the German support page, the BattlEye inclusion is as follows:

“From Destiny 2 update 3.2.0, BattlEye will be included as Destiny 2’s anti-cheat protection. Bans are manually assessed and applied during the first few weeks. After the soft launch, the system will automatically apply locks.

To play Destiny 2 , BattlEye will be installed automatically when Destiny 2 receives an update. It will automatically be active on a player’s computer when Destiny 2 is running. Players must agree to have BattlEye installed in order to play Destiny 2 .”

We could be experiencing this new era of Anti-Cheat in the weeks to come, as the news spreads. The future is looking promising, as Destiny 2’s galactic conquests begin to get even friendlier. 


Be sure to check back in as more updates develop.