Destiny 2 is updating over a dozen iconic Exotics as part of Witch Queen release

Brad Norton
Destiny 2 gameplay

A total of 14 Exotics are changing in the next major Destiny 2 update as Bungie has revealed more of its grand plans for the Witch Queen expansion.

As the weeks go by, the ominous Witch Queen draws near. Before we get to the official expansion reveal, Bungie has begun teasing some of the bigger balance updates on the way to Destiny 2.

Last week we learned that just about every single ability in the popular FPS is changing to some degree. Now, the developers have outlined changes on the way to 14 Exotics in particular.

From overpowered Exotic perks being reeled back to general tweaks being applied across the board, there’s plenty to unpack. Here’s a complete rundown on every Exotic change coming to Destiny 2.

Super Regenerating Exotic changes

Destiny 2 Exotics
The following Exotics will function differently in the Witch Queen expansion.

Starting things out with general Exotic changes, Bungie highlighted six pieces of armor that share similar traits. All of these adjustments hone in on Exotics with super-regenerating powers.

From the Phoenix Protocol to the popular Skull of Dire Ahamkara, all tweaks here intend to “standardize” recharge rates. For most, caps have now been introduced to stop super-regen at 50%. 

Below is the full list of general Exotic changes on the way to Destiny 2.

  • Shards of Galanor: Increased the amount of Super granted for hits, but total Super regain is now capped at 50%.
  • Ursa Furiosa: Capped the amount of Super energy you can regain once your Super ends at 50%.
  • Skull of Dire Ahamkara: Increased the amount of Super refunded per kill, but total Super gain is capped at 50%.
  • Phoenix Protocol: Capped the amount of Super energy you can regain once your Super ends at 50%.
  • Stormdancer’s Brace: Now also refunds up to 50% of your Super energy after your Super ends, based on the number of kills.
  • Geomag Stabilizers: Removed “sprint to top off your Super.”
      • This part of the perk led to a higher uptime in PvP than was healthy and gave Attunement of Control Warlocks an immediately renewable supply of Super energy for paying for mod costs like Special Finisher in PvE.

Hunter Exotic changes

Destiny 2 Stasis Hunter
Just three Hunter Exotics are changing in the near future.

First up for specific class changes are three new Hunter tweaks targeted for the Witch Queen expansion. The Bombardiers, Graviton Forfeit, and Lucky Pants are all changing to some degree.

For explosive fans, The Bombardiers will soon have an added perk to help your playstle. Upon dropping bombs with this Exotic, the explosion will match the damage type of your subclass, applying a unique effect to enemies in range.

Below is the full rundown on all three Exotic changes for Hunter-mains.

  • The Bombardiers
      • The bomb now has a secondary effect based on your subclass type:
          • Blind for Arc.
          • Burn for Solar.
          • Slow for Stasis.
          • Suppress for Void.
              • Note: The suppression will not affect a Guardian in Super.
  • Graviton Forfeit
      • Increased the bonus invisibility duration.
      • The melee regeneration speed now increases based on the number of enemies near you.
      • While you are invisible, your Recovery is greatly increased, and your weapons reload more quickly.
  • Lucky Pants
      • Added intrinsic Hand Cannon Holster mod, replaced previous functionality with the following:
      • “When you ready a fully-loaded Hand Cannon that deals Kinetic damage or damage matching your subclass energy type, for a short time each hit against a combatant from that Hand Cannon increases the damage of the next shot.”
          • Note: No, Hawkmoon won’t be able to one-shot a raid boss using these legs. Other Hand Cannons will get a fun edge in combat, though!
      • What is a Hand Cannon Holster mod? A new kind of mod that reloads stowed weapons

Titan Exotic changes

Destiny 2 gameplay
Titans lucked out with just two Exotic changes on the way.

Titan Exotics appear to be the least problematic of all, as only two changes are on the way for this particular class. Both Precious Scars and Icefall Mantle are in line for new adjustments.

The former will soon create a burst of healing and recovery when killing enemies with the same weapon damage type as your subclass. For instance, solar weapon kills will now come with added benefits if you’re rocking the Sunbreak setup.

For the Icefall Mantle, class abilities are now unchanged by this Exotic, as its cooldown reduction has been removed.

Warlock Exotic changes

Destiny 2 gameplay
Warlock’s may be changing their playstyle when the Witch Queen arrives.

Rounding out the enormous list of changes is three Warlock-specific tweaks in the pipeline. Verity’s Bow, The Stag, and Promethium Spur are all going through unique adjustments. 

Perhaps the most notable comes for the latter, which now has an entirely new bonus packed in. Once the update lands, the Promethiu Spur will award class ability energy for Solar weapon kills while standing in a Rift. Moreover, when this energy is full, Solar weapon kills will instead spawn healing or empowering rifts.

Below are the full Warlock Exotic changes on the way to Destiny 2.

  • Verity’s Brow 
    • Changed to trigger when you get a weapon kill that matches your subclass energy type. 
    • Increased grenade damage bonus to 20% per stack (up from 10%). 
  • The Stag 
    • Grants damage reduction to allied Guardians standing in your Rifts. 
      • 25% against combatants, 15% against players. 
  • Promethium Spur 
    • Has additional functionality: 
    • While standing in a Rift, Solar weapon kills give you class ability energy. 
    • When your class ability energy is full, Solar weapon kills consume that energy and spawn a combination healing/empowering Rift at the target’s location. 

That’s everything there is to know about major Exotic changes in the works. Though there’s still plenty more to unravel on the path to the Witch Queen expansion. 

We’ll keep you updated right here as the next set of changes come into focus.

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