Destiny 2 may finally be getting Halo crossover in Bungie anniversary update

Destiny 2 Halo crossoverBungie / Microsoft

Bungie may finally be in touch with its famed Halo franchise once again as new Destiny 2 leaks have suggested a major crossover is in the works for an upcoming anniversary bundle.

It’s been 11 years since Bungie released a game in the Halo series. With 343 Industries taking up the mantle, the former developers have been hard at work on the evolving Destiny saga ever since.

While Microsoft is still in full control of the IP, it appears Bungie could be moving forward with a unique collaboration in the near future. Rather than working on a new entry, this alleged crossover could bring the Halo universe to Destiny instead.

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As part of a massive July 14 info dump, a prominent leaker touched on everything from new Destiny storylines to a potential fifth element. Also among these rumors was none other than a Halo crossover.

Halo Pistol gameplayMicrosoft
Leaks claim Halo’s pistol is on its way to wreak havoc in Destiny 2.

Bungie was founded in 1991. As part of this year’s 30th Anniversary festivities, a unique bundle could be in the works for Destiny 2.

This celebratory release is rumored to feature a new Dungeon, returning Destiny 1 content, “many Exotic quests, weapons,” along with various “tie-ins” relating to Bungie’s earlier work, according to the leaker.

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There may be unique armor sets “celebrating Bungie,” including various Halo and Marathon goodies. Moreover, Bungie allegedly wants Halo’s iconic CE Magnum to come across as part of the bundle.

Obviously, “wanting” something is far different from actually getting it. So while the leaker may have outlined Bungie’s desires, there’s no telling if Microsoft has actually given the green light.

In order to utilize anything from the Halo franchise, the current IP owners would need to give their approval. From Master Chief-inspired armor to the return of the Halo pistol, Bungie could have big plans in the works if rumors hold true.

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If these leaks are to be believed, it’s safe to say the 30th Anniversary bundle could be the biggest yet.

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