Destiny 2 players rejoice as servers haven’t “sh*t themselves” in over a week

Kurt Perry
Destiny 2 guardians with Hand Cannon and Auto Rifle going to fight cabal in Destiny 2 reveal trailer.

For the first time in a while, the servers for Destiny 2 have remained stable with no major service disruptions in over a week. This has delighted the community who couldn’t help but celebrate.

Bungie has had a difficult time with Destiny 2’s servers since Lightfall was released. Stability concerns and regular error messages have been frustrating players with the looter shooter’s servers being taken down altogether in extreme cases.

It became such a big problem that on June 29, the developer admitted in a blog post that it was actively working on improving server stability. It expects that most of the planned fixes will be implemented by the time Season 22 is underway.

To keep Destiny 2 players informed about when the servers aren’t online, Bungie posts active issues on its official help Twitter account. As of writing, the last tweet posted by the Bungie Help account regarding server stability was July 9, meaning over a week has passed with no downtime.

Destiny 2 servers haven’t gone down in over a week

Delighted by the improvements to server stability, the Destiny 2 community has been celebrating on Reddit.

The post bringing everyone’s attention to this feat reads: “Been a while since servers made it a week without sh*tting themselves, but it’s happened, the last Bungo help tweet was more than a week ago. Anyone willing to bet on them making it two weeks?”

Guessing how long the streak will last one player replied: “I’m betting on Tuesday since it’s Solstice and the armour actually looks good this time.”

Some reactions were instead concerned that OP may have doomed them all replying “Don’t jinx it,” and “And the next time they sh*t themselves we get to blame you for jinxing it.”

Others used the opportunity to make fun of past server stability issues: “Destiny has worse uptime than a McDonald’s ice cream machine.”

A few players interpreted the post as praising Bungie for doing what’s expected of them: “Are we supposed to praise them for keeping a game we’ve paid a considerable amount for up and running for 1 whole week?”

While the servers for Destiny 2 seem to have improved, there are issues with Bungie’s merchandise store with players not being sent the items they ordered.

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