Destiny 2 players call Bungie store a “scam” as Trials merch arrives

Liam Ho
Destiny 2 SotD Armor

A Destiny 2 player has called the Bungie store an “actual scam” after they received a Trials sweater with a different design to the one they ordered.

One of the best feelings for a fan of any game is finally being delivered that sweet piece of merch you spent your hard-earned money on. Whether that be a new pin, figurine, or sweater stemming from your favorite game, nothing quite beats the feeling of finally being able to hold it near and dear. This is especially so when you’re a huge fan of the game’s world, lore, and characters.

However, for some unlucky Destiny 2 players, their purchases made them more remorseful than delighted.

Some Destiny 2 players have reported that their purchases from the Bungie store have not quite turned out the way they wanted. These items have either had wrong colors or missing designs, with the players receiving items different from what was pictured in their order. As such, they a handful took to Reddit to warn others about their misfortunes.

Providing images to prove their point, the Redditors showed how the products they received were different from the store’s listing.

“Actual scam,” one player said. “Looks nothing like the product pictured. This company does nothing but disappoint me day after day at this point between the game and this flagrant false advertising of a product in their store,” the post reads.

Others were quick to point out that this was similar to another case that happened earlier in the week, linking off to a different player who had reported a similar issue, though with Iron Banner merch instead.

“I ordered the Iron Banner sweatshirt on Bungie day and it just got to me. Literally every color on the sweatshirt is different from the store listing, (except maybe the green, it’s hard to tell). The tan trim and sleeves are grey, the fire and strips on the sleeve are white, and the gold wolf and iron tree are now a silvery white. It’s the same design, just not at all with the colors that were advertised,” this post states.

It’s not certain where the errors in the merchandise occurred, but hopefully, Bungie addresses these issues soon and the players receive their rightful items of clothing.

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