Destiny 2 players are asking for key Raid feature in Dungeons

Patrick Dane
destiny 2 seraph dungeon gear

Destiny 2’s dungeon loot system is currently under the microscope as players question why they can’t craft or focus their weapons.

Dungeons are some of Destiny 2’s best content. Alongside Raids, they’re some of the most inventive and unique gameplay experiences, not just in the game, but the whole FPS genre. They bring so many back to the game each week, all in service of a good time and obtaining their loot.

Many of the most beloved guns have come from these endgame activities throughout Destiny’s history, especially Raids. One Thousand Voices remains a guilty pleasure of many, Divinity from Garden of Salvation became almost mandatory at times, Anarchy was meta for years, and the newest Raid Exotic Conditional Finality is no slouch either. 

Especially as time has gone on, legendary weapons in Raids have become far more accessible. This is due to engram focusing and weapon crafting, which have allowed players to chase what they want and morph the weapons to fit their needs.

For some reason, that hasn’t extended to most Dungeon weapons though, and players of the game are beginning to ask why. 

Players want to be able to craft all Dungeon weapons

In a Reddit topic with over 800 upvotes at the time of writing, user 0rganicMach1ne asked, “Why are dungeons so inconsistent with the rest of the game?”

As they go over, you can choose your rewards at the end of a Raid, and in most, you can craft the weapons after obtaining their power. However, they point out: “Dungeons still are left neglected with dated reward systems that are inconsistent with the rest of the game. They have neither focusing nor crafting and the older ones are not being updated. Two of them still don’t even have their own weapons.” 

The Greasy Luck from the latest Dungeon is one of the game’s newest Glaives.

One user said: “Not being able to focus dungeon rewards is infuriating. I don’t want another glaive and class item man.”

Another added: “I get that raid weapons are usually top of the list, but dungeon weapons can and have been very far below them to where options in other areas like strikes are often better.”

Strangely, some Dungeon weapons have been craftable like the Epicurean and Fixed Odds from Duality, but these were returning weapons. Hopefully in the future, players will have more choice in how to attain the Dungeon weapons they want.

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