New Destiny 2 Lightfall trailer highlights the newest subclass in 2 years

destiny 2 strand subclassBungie

Bungie’s Strand trailer for Destiny 2: Lightfall takes a closer look at a new subclass whose abilities focus on manipulating space and time.

Over two years have passed since the last time Destiny 2 received a fresh set of powers. The last subclass Bungie released came in the form of Stasis, an ice elemental exclusive to the Beyond Light expansion.

Three other subclasses also allow Guardians to adjust their style of play – Arc, Solar, and Void – the game’s original batch of subclasses.

Destiny 2’s forthcoming Lightfall DLC will introduce a fifth option in a few weeks, complete with new movement mechanics and more.

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Destiny 2’s Strand subclass spotlighted in new trailer

The latest trailer for Lightfall offers a much closer look at the Strand subclass. In the nearly two-minute video posted on Destiny 2’s YouTube channel, viewers can see how the Warlock, Titan, and Hunter classes make use of the new abilities.

Notably, each class will have access to the newly implemented Grappling feature, a Strand-based movement mechanic for swinging.

As expected, the subclass also boasts Aspects specific to all three classes, as well as four different Fragments. The trailer below does a good job of showcasing exactly what Strand has to offer.

Destiny 2’s Strand subclass counts as only one part of the eagerly-anticipated Lightfall experience. For one, the DLC promises a campaign set in the neon-drenched city of Neomuna on Neptune.

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Guardians can additionally look forward to another Destiny 2 raid, the Quicksilver Storm rifle, and an economy update. And the wait for all of the above is quickly drawing to a close, with Lightfall still on track for a February 28 rollout.