Destiny 2 activity is being torn apart after new Exotic mission release

Patrick Dane
Three Guardians face off against a Tormentor

Destiny 2’s new seasonal activity, Deep Dives, is becoming confusing as with the release of the new Exotic mission, players are entering with different objectives.

Destiny 2’s seasonal model has been a hot topic of debate over the last few years. Since Shadowkeep, the game’s structure has changed to a far more regimented system. Seasons now share a lot of commonalities, and we know largely what to expect from the structure of them going forward. 

For example, we can be pretty sure, each season there will be a seasonal activity to jump into. Season of the Deep was no different. We got two in fact, with Salvage and Deep Dives.

In the evergrowing pantheon of seasonal activities, Deep Dives are pretty good. They have good enemy density, evolve as you go, and also have lots of modular options to customize your experience as you play. You can choose certain buffs from Ahsa that help you, but also, if your team comes together, you can find Toland and make the experience harder for better rewards inside the activity. 

With the drop of the new Exotic quest though, you can do even more. By using the three swords collected from fishing you can open a secret portion of the map. You’re then thrown into a challenging side-mission that can earn you an exotic scout rifle

This is all very neat when working well. However, it’s creating a broader issue for everyone as player intention in the matchmade mode is split. 

Teams can’t agree on what to do in Deep Dives

To illustrate, in a Reddit thread, players are discussing how divided the seasonal activity feels now in matchmade fireteams. User naylorb spoke about their experience playing Deep Dives and it feeling split now. They said: “What’s happened a couple of times though is one person on my team went to activate the first statue and the other person completely ignores it, but they do go to activate Toland”

A guardian is picked up by a tormentor in Destiny 2The boss of the new Exotic quest can be very dangerous.

Another user concurs, saying, “Matchmaking in activities where people might have different goals and skill levels was a mistake.”

However, they went further, speculating that the delayed in-game LFG has added to the confusion. “I am starting to believe in the theory that this activity was designed with the in-game LFG in mind and things didn’t pan out once that was delayed.”

The issue appears to be affecting many. Another said: “Every group has at least one person trying to get the exotic. I have not had a matchmade group complete any activity since the exotic dropped.”

Obviously, the way around this is to run a full-fireteam of three with a set goal in mind. However, that can be a hassle for some players. Going through the LFG system to find a team takes you out of game, especially when the matchmade version is just a click away. Hopefully, Bungie can find a way to split Deep Dives players into objective goals. Right now, teams are being pulled in too many directions.