Could Destiny 2 bring back classic weapons like Felwinter’s Lie?

Published: 21/Nov/2020 22:01

by Julian Young


Beyond Light added new locations and activities into Destiny 2, but a substantial portion of existing content was put into the Destiny Content Vault. Facing criticism on the lack of weapons available, should Bungie continue adding guns from older content back into the game?

Despite adding new content into Destiny 2, Beyond Light also introduced the Destiny Content Vault. The DCV is a way for Bungie to cycle out older content, update it, and reintroduce it at a later date.

Although Bungie explained how the DCV is beneficial for the game in the long run, many players have expressed concerns about removing large pieces of content with no immediate replacement.

One pain point for players is the lack of viable weapons due to the removal and sunsetting of many older guns. As the pool of high Power-level weapons in Destiny 2 has shrunk, players are calling for Bungie to reintroduce guns from previous content, like the Felwinter’s Lie shotgun.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Europa Weapons
After seeing feedback on the current loot pool, Bungie is bringing back weapons from older content.

Should Bungie bring back Felwinter’s Lie?

Introduced in Season of the Worthy, the Felwinter’s Lie shotgun quickly became a staple of the PVP meta in Destiny 2. Despite being one of the most powerful weapons in PVP, the shotgun was only available during Season of the Worthy. When the season ended, the quest for the gun disappeared and it could no longer be acquired.

The removal of the weapon’s quest at the end of its inaugural season was criticized by many players. With the recent weapon sunsetting and DCV changes, the gun’s availability has once again come into question. In a thread posted to r/DestinyTheGame that garnered more than 4k upvotes, Reddit user ‘Hoodie_ninja1’ called Bungie out for not having the weapon available to obtain in Beyond Light.

Destiny 2 Felwinter's Lie Reddit Thread
u/Hoodie_ninja1 / Reddit
Reddit thread by u/Hoodie_ninja1 discussing the return of Felwinter’s Lie.

“It is the best shotgun in the game after the sunsetting changes bar none and not having the ability to get it especially hurts since the Mindbenders has been sunset,” Hoodie_ninja1 said, referencing the Mindbender’s Ambition shotgun. That weapon was previously one of the best guns to use in high-level PVP, but has since been sunset.

“I get the whole FOMO aspect that it had back in its season, but those of us who couldn’t play during that season are essentially at a competitive disadvantage to those who are using it,” the user goes on. Hoodie_ninja1 is voicing a common concern for many players that have experienced weapon sunsetting in Beyond Light.

Destiny 2 Felwinter's Lie Shotgun
Although Bungie has added a kiosk to obtain some old weapons, others have yet to be reintroduced.

What are Bungie’s options?

The DCV and weapon sunsetting have both been divisive topics for Destiny 2 players since they were announced. Bungie implemented changes to their seasonal content model to reduce FOMO, but some players feel the problem is still present.

After facing backlash for the small weapon loot pool in Beyond Light, Bungie announced they are expanding the game’s weapon availability by reintroducing some guns from previous expansions and seasons. With powerful weapons like Felwinter’s Lie still unobtainable, players will need to wait and see if Bungie plans to bring back more vaulted weapons during Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt.


Bungie winds back Destiny 2 plans to ‘vault’ The Moon & Dreaming City loot in Season 13

Published: 15/Jan/2021 5:27 Updated: 15/Jan/2021 5:52

by Brad Norton


With the launch of Beyond Light, Bungie vaulted a great deal of Destiny 2 content. After just nine weeks, the developers have announced plans to backtrack on certain decisions, with loot from The Moon and the Dreaming City returning in Season 13.

The start of Year 4 in Destiny 2 came with some of the biggest changes in series history. A wide array of destinations, content, and loot were all locked away in a new vault. This was done in order to make way for fresh content with Beyond Light.

While much of the major content will remain locked away moving forward, Bungie is already going back on certain decisions in response to community feedback. Specifically, vaulted loot from The Moon and the Dreaming City will be returning in Season 13.

Various armor and weaponry was pulled from the loot pool with Beyond Light. Though after widespread backlash, it won’t be long until these destinations will have their exclusive gear back in stock.

Destiny 2 dreaming city
Loot from the Dreaming City and the Moon will soon be added back into Destiny 2.

“We are making changes to help preserve the relevancy of the destinations,” rewards area lead Justin Dazet explained in the latest This Week At Bungie.

“Specifically, some of the pinnacle, end-game activities that still exist there.”

This means that new players and veterans alike will soon be able to earn appropriate gear at these destinations as they could in previous years.

Bungie confirmed that this returning gear won’t be “kept up to date for the entire lifetime these destinations are available.” Though they see the importance of having “specific activity drops” with relevance to the location you find yourself at.

These changes won’t come into effect immediately. Destiny 2 players hoping to round out their collections will have to be patient. The Season 13 update isn’t expected until February 9.

Destiny 2 loot
A look at some of the loot being pulled from the vault in Season 13.

A good assortment of loot from the Moon and the Dreaming City will be back in rotation, however. It won’t just be a small sample.

You can check below for every piece of equipment that will be coming out of the vault in Season 13.

  • Reissued Dreaming City Reverie Dawn and Moon Dreambane armor.
      • These will also drop with high stats when earned in Shattered Throne or Pit of Heresy.
      • The final chest in Pit of Heresy will no longer drop a fully Masterworked Dreambane armor piece.
      • Instead, the Dreambane armor piece that drops will have 7 armor energy and is guaranteed to drop with at least a +16 in two different stats and higher stats overall.
      • Dreambane class items will not drop from this chest.
  • Reissued 4 weapons for Dreaming City with new Perk Pools.
      • Waking Vigil, Sleepless, Vouchsafe, and Retold Tale.
      • Dreaming City weapons that drop in the Shattered Throne dungeon can roll with perks that are unavailable from drops from other reward sources.
  • Reissued 4 weapons for the Moon with new Perk Pools.
      • Premonition (Pit of Heresy only), Heretic, Blasphemer, and Apostate.
      • Weapons that drop in the Pit of Heresy dungeon can roll with perks that are unavailable from drops from other reward sources.
  • Expanding Lost Sector Legend and Master rotation to 4 Moon Sectors.
      • K1 Logistics, K1 Communication, K1 Crew Quarters, and K1 Revelation.