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Bungie rushes Destiny 2 update to fix Season of Arrivals farming exploit

Published: 16/Jun/2020 8:44

by Brad Norton


Bungie has rapidly pushed out a Season of Arrivals hotfix to address a particular exploit that allowed Destiny 2 players to farm items and experience without even playing.

Since the release of the latest Destiny 2 season on June 10, players have been putting in the hours to level up once again. Hitting the new maximum power cap is a common goal among the dedicated player base. Naturally, finding any shortcuts to expedite that process always becomes a major talking point.

Just days into the Season of Arrivals and players uncovered an exploit that allowed for Umbral Engram farming — an exploit that also allowed players to farm without even playing the hugely-popular MMORPG title.


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How were players exploiting the new season in Destiny 2?

Forges aren’t new in Season of Arrivals but they quickly became the go-to activity.

Forges are one of the few activities in Destiny that still provide rewards upon failing. If you rush through a Forge attempt by keeping your characters still and having the fireteam die, everyone will be given new rewards in no time at all. This was a common practice in earlier seasons but purely for farming materials.

In the latest season, however, failing a Forge can still net you an Umbral Engram – one of the most sought after items in Destiny 2 today. This led to a period where power-hungry players would simply join into a Forge and leave their game open for an extended period of time.


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New hotfix from Bungie to address Forge farming

Umbral Engrams were the main reason behind the latest farming exploit.

It didn’t take long for Bungie to put an end to this method of power-leveling in the latest season. On June 15 the developers pushed out a hotfix that forced all players back into orbit “after completing the Forge activity.”

This meant that players would have to reopen the activity and spawn back into a Forge in order to repeat the process. Thereby dramatically reducing the effectiveness of the exploit.

Bungie’s fix couldn’t have come at a better time either. After players made their way through the brand new dungeon at the beginning of the season, the crux of what remained was to reach the new power cap. As a result, 63% of all Destiny 2 activities were failed Forges before the latest change.


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If you’re looking to rush your way to the new seasonal level cap, you’ll have to put in the hard yards once again. This means pushing through weekly activities, getting your powerful Engrams on all characters, and farming Umbral Engrams where possible.

One of the most reliable ways to secure the new Engrams is through the brand new Contact Public Event. Here’s a quick guide on how to trigger Heroic to increase your chances.