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Destiny 2 Season 11 update 2.9.0 patch notes

Published: 9/Jun/2020 17:56 Updated: 9/Jun/2020 18:00

by Calum Patterson


The Season 11, ‘Season of Arrivals’, update for Destiny 2 is now live, and the patch notes are available while the servers go down to implement the changes.

Alongside the new update, Bungie are also unveiling the Fall Expansion on their reveal stream. The new expansion, called Beyond Light, will release on September 22.

But for now, all focus is on the new update, and the developers have revealed all the changes and fixes it includes on June 9.

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The game went offline at 12pm EST / 5pm BST, but will be available again after an hour, when the update will be rolled out on all platforms.


Check out the patch notes below.

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Destiny 2 update 2.9.0 patch notes

Legendary Armor Ornaments

      • As noted in a previous TWAB, we have shifted the Season 11 armour offering to be a gameplay reward for aspirational content.
      • The Season of Opulence “Intrepid” Ornament sets are returning to the storefront.
    • Season Pass
      • Added an additional 2300 Bright Dust to the Season Pass.
    • Bright Dust Purchases
      • Added a “Flair” section to feature Shaders and Spawn FX.
    • Highly requested items from previous Seasons will once again be available.
      • We’re looking at you, Wishes of Sorrow.
    • We will once again communicate Season 11 Silver-only items at the beginning of the Season.

We’re expecting to have an update later in Season 11 on further changes to Bright Dust acquisition, so keep your eyes peeled.

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    • The Powerful Friends armor mod will no longer stack. If multiple copies of this mod are equipped, the mods will provide no bonus stats.
      • Developer Commentary:
        • Only Solar Seasonal mods are intended to stack. No part of Arc mods are intended to have stacking functionality.
        • Powerful Friends granted +20 to Mobility, which players could leverage to get three stat columns to the max of 100 points. The mod is not priced sufficiently to justify its benefits, and increasing its cost would have adverse effects on its primary benefit usage.
        • Season 11 introduces a new Arc mod, granting a similar stat bonus to Strength and will not stack.
    • Enhanced Auto Rifle Loader, Enhance Fusion Rifle Loader, and Enhanced Bow Loader armor mods now have a chance to drop from pinnacle mod sources.

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Raid Rewards

The following raid Exotics now have increased drop chances:

    • One Thousand Voices
    • Anarchy
    • Always on Time (Exotic Sparrow from secret chest in Scourge of the Past)

NOTE: Drop chance begins at 10% and increases to a max of 50% over 20 clears.

Trials Rewards

    • Additional Masterwork material rewards now drop at 3, 5, and 7 Trials wins.
    • Added a Trials weekly bounty which unlocks Trials Engrams on Saint-14.
      • The bounty reward will match the Win 3 Milestone reward of the week.
    • Trials Tokens distribution has been rebalanced to focus on wins 3, 5, and 7 of a Trials Passage.
      • This includes repeat Passages.
    • Trials Tokens are no longer awarded from match completions.
      • Tokens are now granted specifically through wins and bounties.
    • Passage of Wealth now doubles the bonus Trials Tokens earned at 3, 5 and 7 Trials wins.