Sony warns PS4 users ahead of Cyberpunk 2077’s return to PlayStation Store

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cyberpunk 2077 cdpr sony
CDPR / Sony

Sony will reinstate Cyberpunk 2077 to the PlayStation Store soon, but the company recommends playing on the PS5 or PS4 Pro as CD Projekt Red hammers out persistent issues on older hardware.

The PlayStation parent company plans to put Cyberpunk 2077 back on its digital store on June 21. The latest IP release from CDPR was pulled from the PS Store back on December 17, 2020 after players experienced multiple bugs shortly after release.

By the time it will be back, 187 days will have elapsed since CP2077 was initially pulled from the online marketplace with the company issuing refunds to players. Sony will be honoring refund requests until June 18, 2021.

While it’s comeback will be a massive boon to CDPR, who’ve been missing out on a large source of sales since December, Sony advised people to play the RPG on the PS5 or PS4 Pro.

cyberpunk 2077 cdpr sony
Sony pulled Cyberpunk 2077 from the PS Store on December 17, 2020.

In a statement, the PlayStation company confirmed Cyberpunk 2077’s return to the PS Store but didn’t recommend playing it on the PS4.

“SIE can confirm that Cyberpunk 2077 will be re-listed on PlayStation Store starting June 21, 2021. Users will continue to experience performance issues with the PS4 edition while CD Projekt Red continues to improve stability across all platforms. SIE recommends playing the title on PS4 Pro or PS5 for the best experience,” they said.

While all versions of CDPR’s latest game suffered from strange bugs throughout, the last console generation especially struggled to run the game.

The developers seemingly made strides in fixing Cyberpunk’s issues to at least get it back onto the store, but Sony isn’t confident in how the ambitious title will play out on PS4s.

cyberpunk 2077 cdpr sony
CD Projekt Red
CDPR have made adjustments to Cyberpunk 2077 to get it back to the PS Store.

Up until the end of May, CDPR President and joint CEO Adam Kiciński said during a shareholders meeting that the company was still in the dark on when their game was going to return to the PS Store.

Kiciński said that “every patch the game gets better and there is visible progress” but said the decision lied exclusively with Sony.

Whether that means Cyberpunk 2077 is now fixed to where PS5 and PlayStation 4 Pro will have a smooth gaming experience remains to be seen. But Sony still advises to be wary about the title on their older console.

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