5 biggest features we’re excited for in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield new gamplay featuresEA Dice

One of the most anticipated games of 2021 has had an eventful E3, and we now know a lot about some of the amazing features coming to Battlefield 2042.

Revealed on June 9, 2021, Battlefield 2042 is the next big hitter from EA Dice and it aims to captivate the feeling that Battlefield fans have long sought after since Battlefield V released back in 2018.

Now, with E3 2021 wrapped up, we got to see the official gameplay reveal of 2042, along with an extended developer interview where they talked about plenty of features coming to the game.

There’s definitely a lot to be exited about, so let’s run over some of the features in Battlefield 2042 that we’re most excited about.

specialists EA Dice
Specialists will be one of the main feature of Battlefield 2042

5 big things we learned at E3 2021

With Battlefield 2042 releasing on October 22, EA Dice gave us plenty of reasons to be excited regarding the next Battlefield. All-out warfare is back, and there is going to be chaos in every server when this game releases in the Fall.

This being said, here’s some of the features we’re most pumped for in Battlefield 2042.

128 player lobbies

128 player lobbies is kind of a big deal for Battlefield 2042, and we could not be more excited to see how the game plays out over the massive maps. This will be an immense upgrade over the current 64 player lobbies, and it will be hard not to always encounter players on these matches.

The maps

With the increased player lobbies this also means EA Dice is rolling out the biggest maps we have ever seen in a Battlefield title.

They are going to be astronomically large compared to other Battlefield’s and the above side by side comparison they posted during their developer interview is amazing to say the least.

Environmental changes

sand storm EA Dice
The map is always going to be changing in 2042

While the maps are immense, EA Dice have noted in multiple trailers that these maps are going to differ in size as the game carries on. This is due to the environmental effects that are going to take place on certain matches, as thunderstorms and sand storms are going to pop up from time to time to wreak havoc on players.

In EA Dice’s briefing of Battlefield 2042, they have noted that “Massive events, such as tornadoes capable of whipping Specialists across the map and exploding space rockets, will impact the map before you. Altering safe spaces and forcing you to adapt to the ever-changing battlefield with your gadgets and even use such powerful forces of destruction to put pressure on the enemy.”

How swappable attachments

Plus menuEA Dice
The new Plus Menu will be interesting to use

Called the Plus Menu, this interactive system will allow players to change their weapons attachments wherever they are on the map, allowing you to change out scopes if you are moving onto a high-rise building, or a new red-dot for close-quarter engagements.

EA Dice has stated the following in regards to this new feature, “To succeed on the battlefield, every Specialist will need to utilize their entire arsenal, from powerful weapons to useful gadgets and a wide array of vehicles. Battlefield 2042 brings a new level of player agency to Battlefield, giving you access to the weapon modifications and tools you need at any given moment in a match.”

Grappling Gun

grapple gun EA Dice
The Grapple Gun will allow players to gain height advantage over other players easily!

Halo Infinite will not be the only game releasing this year to feature a Grapple Gun, as Battlefield 2042 is going to have one of its own.

This simple weapon is an amazing feature that will allow for some pretty wacky moments and will offer some new methods to playing Battlefield.

With EA Dice still waiting to announce more features about Battlefield 2042 at EA Play Live in July, we could not be more excited about the future of the series.