Neymar hyped up after insane 1v3 clutch vs CSGO stars Zywoo & shox

Neymar - Twitch / ESL

Superstar footballer and avid gamer, Neymar, pulled off an incredible 1v3 pistol clutch vs ZywOo and shox in CS:GO, getting the entire lobby up on their feet in excitement.

With the current global situation forcing professional athletes to stay home, many of them have turned to gaming and live-streaming in their free time, including the likes of Neymar, whose been grinding CS:GO when he’s not practicing or playing for Paris Saint-Germain and Brazil.

During one of his recent broadcasts, he was matched up against a pretty star-studded team – featuring two of the biggest names in CS:GO, ZywOo and Shox, both of whom play for Team Vitality in Paris, where the Brazilian also plays professionally.

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With the first round underway and everyone using pistols, Neymar found himself in a difficult situation, having to defend the bomb while ZywOo, Shox, and Gotaga were all still alive on the other team.

Somehow, someway, the PSG star took down all three enemy players to improbably win the round. Even after his teammate went down and left him in seemingly impossible circumstances, he pistoled down both Gotaga and shox to finish things off, jumping up in excitement after the final kill.

While his teammates were cheering him on, even those on the enemy team were hyped up for Neymar’s clutch, laughing about it in the in-game chat.

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Funnily enough, that wasn’t the only wow moment of the match for Neymar; with his squad up 10-4, he victimized ZyWoo again, this time in humiliating fashion – sneaking up behind the Frenchman and slicing him up with a knife.

Luckily, fans were able to see all of this from Neymar’s POV, including his awesome reactions to both moments. If it happened a couple of weeks ago, when his Twitch account was suspended, maybe we don’t get to watch all of this action unfold.

The temporary ban was issued after Neymar had accidentally leaked his Brazilian teammate Richarlison’s personal phone number.

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Because the VoD of that stream never got deleted, Twitch had no choice but to push the punishment through, despite there being several weeks between the two incidents.