NAF thanks CSGO devs for Vertigo map update after his fail


Team Liquid CS:GO player Keith “NAFFLY” Markovic has thanked CSGO devs for an update to the map Vertigo, after he fell victim to an embarrassing fail during the StarLadder Major.

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Vertigo was re-added to the Counter-Strike map-pool in January 2019, alongside Zoo and Abbey. It’s based on a skyscraper that was under construction, with players playing hundreds of feet in the air.

Then, in March 2019, after some minor updates and tweaks, Vertigo was added to the competitive map pool for professional play, replacing the recently-reworked Cache.

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Vertigo was originally featured in Counter-Strike 1.1
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The map featured in the match-up between Team Liquid and Astralis at the StarLadder Berlin Major. It was a quarterfinal and NAF’s squad held a close 4-3 lead over Astralis before a huge mistake from the former OpTic player flipped the eighth round on its head.

In a 3v3 situation, NAF was trying to get an angle on enemy players through smoke before backing up just a bit too far – and flying off the side of the map. It was naturally the source for plenty memes in the community, with the Canadian joining in himself.

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In the most recent game update, NAF was presumably doing the usual rounds of seeing what’s new on each map, finding new spots, predicting how the maps might be played differently when he found something on Vertigo that delighted him.

Right along the side where NAF plunged to his death was a metal bar – not a big one, but enough to stop a careless player from falling off the edge of the building. NAF immediately posted a screenshot to Twitter, simply saying “Thank you @CSGO.”

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Though the change seems relatively small, it’s likely that this will change the game for many players. With a small wall to fall back on and not worry about risking your life, this corner could become much easier – and safer – to play.

Though Vertigo has been NAF’s main interest, most are keen to see how the new Cache plays out since its addition back into the map pool.

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