CSGO: All major changes on the new Cache


A remake of one of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s most popular maps, Cache, was released on October 10. The update massively changed some key sections of the map, and may have a huge impact on how it is played.

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Cache was removed from the competitive CSGO map pool in March 2019 to receive some updates, much like other staple maps such as Inferno and Dust 2 were over the last few years.

The map was then previewed at ESL One New York on September 29 and the official return date was confirmed to be October 10. Now that the map has been released, here are all the major changes you’ll see when getting back on the classic map.

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Z-connector window added

ValveA new window has been added to the Z-connector on Cache.
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A new window has been added to the Z-connector, giving Counter-Terrorists an easier way to control mid and a whole new angle for the Terrorists to worry about.

This elevated window also helps control the boost area, as the defenders will no longer have a massive height disadvantage in mid, and may completely change both teams approach on the mid-centric map.

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A-bomb site adjusted

ValveThe A-site on Cache has seen many changes.
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The A-site has received multiple changes that aim to give CT’s more options when defending. A new box and small boost has been added toward the truck side, allowing the defenders to get a new peek angle into A-main.

The bomb site itself has also been tidied up, with an armored truck in the middle allowing for a few sneaky peeks, while the squeaky area became much brighter and more spacious.

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B-bombsite checkers changed

ValveThe B-site and checkers have been changed.
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Another major change comes to the other bomb site on the map. This time, the change is a bit less drastic, with the checkers area having its roof opened up.

This change give more options to the defenders yet again, but also somewhat help the terrorists, as they will be able to get in grenades to work around the CT’s in checkers slightly easier.

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B-halls and toxic walls changed

valveThe B-halls and toxic areas have been made more dangerous.
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The final major change comes from the B-halls and toxic area, where some walls have been replaced with thinner walls or windows, allowing both sides to wall-bang a large part of the area, being able to disrupt their opponents from unexpected angles.

With all these changes Cache is set to play very differently from before as almost every key area has been changed. There’s no doubt that fans and players will be discovering new tactics to months to come. 

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