CSGO: How to play the new Cache rework


CS:GO players can finally get their hands on the reworked version of popular competitive map Cache.

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Map creator FMPONE has been working on an overhaul for Cache since it was removed from the competitive pool and replaced with Vertigo in March, and the new version is finally ready.

The reworked map was debuted with a show match at ESL One New York, offering a preview of what was to come. Now, the map has been completed, and is available to play for regular players in-game.

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The map hasn’t yet been added into any of the official playlists by Valve, however. Instead, those that wish to play the map will have to go via the Workshop to get it.

To do so, players can select “Workshop Maps” from the dropdown menu in the top left of the Play screen in CS:GO, and then select “Visit Workshop” in the top right. Once you’ve found the map, hit the green “Subscribe” button, and it should be downloaded into your Workshop Maps tab.

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Given the popularity of the map, it’s likely that it will be visible on the front page of the Workshop for some time, although those struggling to find it can search for “CACHE (NEW)”, with the map creator being FMPONE.

While it may not be available through Valve’s matchmaking, players may still be able to find matches on the map by going to community servers. Alternatively, the Mapcore FaceIt Hub announced that they have added new Cache to the map pool, allowing players to search for competitive games on the map using a free FaceIt account.

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Those familiar with the original Cache will certainly find the new version familiar, with the overall structure remaining largely the same. The map has been given a visual update, however, and subtle changes to the shape and layout of different areas could have significant effects on how the map plays, potentially producing new angles for pre-aims and grenades.

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