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CSGO star Fer speaks out following inexplicable Twitch ban

Published: 30/Jun/2020 22:38 Updated: 30/Jun/2020 23:43

by Alan Bernal


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive star Fernando ‘fer’ Alvarenga responded to his Twitch channel ban and is looking for answers as to why the action against his account was taken.

Fer is one of the most well-known Brazilian CS talents of all time. Lately, he’s been getting a lot of traction in his Twitch streams, which consist of high-level CSGO matches that garner thousands of enthusiastic viewers.

However, his broadcasts have come under scrutiny by onlookers and his own organization, MiBR, in the past for offensive or racist comments made while he was live on the air.


Although he’s faced action from his club for these incidents, the cause of his June 30 ban from the streaming platform has him confused.

“I woke up now and apparently I was banned from Twitch,” fer said in a translated tweet. “I received no message, no email explaining or stating the reason.”

The 28-year-old entry fragger later indicated that the ban would span seven days, a typical length for streamers without numerous strikes against their channels. Dexerto contacted fer for comment but did not receive a response.

In his initial reaction, he said that his ban came as a surprise and didn’t have information on how long it would be until much later.


Fer Twitter
Fer was given a length for his Twitch ban, but did not disclose a reason.

It’s unclear why he could have received the ban, but public perception points to his alleged use of an offensive term during a June 29 stream.

“I think it’s because he said ‘m*ngoloid’ on stream,” one user wrote, speculating on the likely cause of fer’s Twitch ban. “It’s similar to ‘r****ed’ but toned down a lot, and apparently Twitch has been banning for that. It doesn’t have anything to do with the racist comments.”

There are people who are split on the term’s purpose or potential xenophobic connotations, but something on the border of racism in his predicament could have landed the final blow from the ban-hammer.


An incident earlier in June led to MiBR imposing a fine on him for comments the org found could be “interpreted as having racial tones.” Twitch did not take action on fer’s channel.

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Fer has received a seven-day ban from streaming on Twitch.

At the time, fer apologized for any sort of offense or meaning that could have been taken from his comments.

“I apologize if I somehow gave an impression of racism in my stream,” he said of the comments that led to his fine. “Everyone who knows me knows that I have no prejudice and that I am open to any kind of opinions and debates.”

Now that his channel has been banned, people are waiting on an official reason from either Twitch or fer once he gets word from the streaming company.