How Stewie2K became the most important CSGO pro in America

Calum Patterson
Stewie2K playing CSGO

Few players in Counter-Strike esports boast a resume as impressive as Stewie2K’s, and fewer still are from North America. The once underrated rookie has turned all of his doubters green with envy as he’s stomped his way through some of the biggest tournaments.

A crucial part of Cloud9’s Boston Major win – the first-ever for an NA team – Stewie didn’t rest on his laurels. Instead, he moved from team to team, trying to land on a roster with as much talent and motivation himself.

After a stint on SK Gaming / MiBR, Stewie found his true calling on Team Liquid, and with Astralis’s form waning slightly combined with not attending every tournament, a gap opened up for a Liquid era.

They made the most of the opportunity too, winning the Intel Grand Slam in only 63 days, from their first win to their fourth, earning them a nice $1 million bonus.

Now, Team Liquid’s form is stuttering, and they face new rivals not only internationally, but also on home turf, as Evil Geniuses look to be eyeing up the number one spot in NA.

But Stewie2K won’t even be considering taking his foot of the gas, and when Major time comes rolling around, he’ll be more determined than ever to bring Team Liquid, and North America, Major glory.