Dev1ce criticizes Gaules over CSGO cheating accusations against Chaos EC

. 2 years ago

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community is up in arms yet again over allegations of cheating made against Chaos EC by several members of Brazilian squad MiBR.

Chaos and MiBR faced off in a Beyond the Summit fixture on June 22 that saw Chaos take the win 2-1, but also resulted in the club and its players Nathan ‘leaf’ Orf and Erick ‘Xeppaa’ Bach being accused of cheating based on some “suspicious” clips.

True or not, both Chaos players have experienced tremendous amounts of online hate and even death threats in the days after, and on June 28 Brazilian CSGO influencer and player Alexandre ‘Gaules’ Borba added more fuel to the fire with one simple tweet.

Gaules tweeted an image of match stats from Chaos’ game against Ze Pug Godz in the DreamHack Open Summer 2020 NA Closed Qualifiers that Chaos lost 0-2. He didn’t include any text, but the message was clear – how could Chaos do so well against MiBR then show up and drop a match to this relatively unknown squad?

Some in the community took this as simply more evidence that Chaos players were up to something in the match against MiBR, but many others accused Gaules of beating a dead horse and continuing the harassment of Chaos players.

Astralis AWPer Nicolai ‘dev1ce’ Reedtz said crying “cheats” was a low move, and questioned how Gaules would even be able to know if they were.

“Calling out cheats have and will always be the biggest pussy-move you can do, accept your loss, move on and learn,” dev1ce tweeted. “Being an influencer that hasn’t even been on the server and calling out cheats, I’m speechless. How would he ever know?”

The thing is, Gaules is a CSGO professional, playing for Brazilian squad g3nerationX so he has indeed been on the server before, which resulted in some backlash to dev1ce’s tweet.

“I can own up to my mistake, I didn’t know gaules was a pro before, but it doesn’t change my point which was –  How does he KNOW he’s cheating?” dev1ce followed up the next day. “I can’t understand how my tweet can be interpreted as xenophobic and/or even racist, it was direct criticism towards gaules for his actions.”

The general sentiment from the CSGO community, barring hardcore MiBR fans, seems to be that the Chaos clips could certainly be seen as somewhat suspicious, but very difficult to call out 100% as outright cheating, and certainly not worth ruining the careers of two young CSGO pros over.

Whatever ends up happening, it’s clear this issue isn’t going away anytime soon, so stick with Dexerto for all the latest news and updates surrounding this situation.

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