World of Warcraft cosplayer resurrects the Lich King with insane WoW cosplay

Lauren Bergin
World of Warcraft WoW The Lich King - best raids

World of Warcraft has created one of the biggest spheres in the cosplay universe. One fan has created an insane Lich King cosplay that turns her husband into the infamous villain himself. 

If you’ve played World of Warcraft, you’ve no doubt heard of the Lich King. Whether in the form of Arthas Menethil or, more recently, Bolvar Fordragon, the infamous tyrant has become one of the game’s most striking figures.

Another of the WoW universe’s most popular characters is Alexstraza, who has also taken the cosplay world by storm. A recent series of photographs shows one cosplayer transform herself into the Dragon queen herself.

Set on destroying Azeroth as we know it, this insane outfit brings Alextraza’s antithesis to life and strikes fear into the hearts of any WoW fan.

World of Warcraft WoW The Lich King
The Lich King has become one of WoW’s most iconic faces.

WoW Lich King cosplay

An insane cosplay by u/sarahdeanmakes things that was designed for her husband embodies the power of the Ebon Blade Master.

The most iconic part of her recreation is the helmet. Although destroyed in the Shadowlands trailer by Sylvanas Windrunner, Sarah has managed to reforge it to perfection to make sure that her significant other can rule their living room in style.

To top it off, every little detail in the Lich King’s gun metal armor is perfectly crafted, with the skull at the forefront of the belt glaring at anyone who plans to get in his way.

Of course, this cosplay would be incomplete without the behemoth’s sword, which has become a weapon synonymous with his evil. From the devilish ram that frames the hilt to the runes that decorate the blade itself, everything is fit for a king (specifically the Lich King).

Couples that cosplay

It’s great to see that our current situation hasn’t deterred people from creating imaginative cosplays. While cosplay conventions are off-limits for the foreseeable future, that isn’t going to stop Sarah’s husband from ruling supreme at home.

It’ll be great to see all of these outfits finally get the recognition that they deserve in the flesh, but until then watch out! The Lich King is in town!