The Witcher cosplayer turns up the heat as incredible Triss Merigold

Brad Norton
Witch Triss cosplayer
Instagram: yarpenna / CD Projekt Red

With The Witcher Season 2 now upon us, popular cosplayer ‘Yarpenna’ decided to bring the heat with a stunning recreation of Triss Merigold’s design from the video game series.

Although we haven’t seen a traditional Witcher game since 2015, the beloved franchise has only grown more popular in recent years. With the success of The Witcher Netflix show, millions of new fans have been captivated.

From the immense world design to the show’s striking take on many fan-favorite characters, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

Now with Season 2 out the door, Polish cosplayer Yarpenna looked to capitalize on the hype with a remarkable look back at her own take on Triss Merigold.

From head to toe the character’s outfit has been recreated with amazing attention to detail. The vibrant red wig down to the belt design and even her sleeves have all been meticulously put together to complete the look.

As just one of her “many Triss cosplays,” Yarpenna has always been a big fan. In fact, Merigold happens to be her “favorite female character from both the books and video games.”

Outside of the richly detailed costume itself, Yarpenna’s photos have also been touched up to add another layer of immersion. Given Merigold’s powers, it’s only fitting the cosplayer turned up the heat.

With some exceptional editing, her version of the Witcher character lights up the screen with a ring of fire. Extending from one hand to the other, the effect is a spitting image to what you’d see from Merigold in-game.

Witcher 3 Triss
CD Project Red
Triss is known not only for her abilities as a sorceress, but also for her often heated personality.

Perhaps best known for her work on characters in the Witcher franchise, Merigold is far from the only iconic figure Yarpenna has taken after.

In a polar opposite approach from the fiery cosplay seen here, Yarpenna’s chilling Ciri design is well worth checking out too.  We’re sure it’s only a matter of time until we see another fresh Witcher outfit debuted on her official Instagram account.