Valorant cosplayer shows off venomous Viper outfit

Andy Williams
Valorant cosplayer shows off venomous Viper outfit

Riot Games’ Valorant closed beta is in full swing and fans of the tactical shooter are already producing some stunning cosplays of the game’s Agents.

Riot have launched their character-based tactical shooter with a ten-man cast of Agents, each with their own unique set of abilities, and personality. With over 1.7 million viewers piling into Valorant’s Twitch section on day one, fans everywhere are trying to catch a glimpse of the FPS that has everyone talking.

One of the characters that has been at the forefront of Riot’s Valorant campaign, has been Viper — the game’s in-house toxic Controller Agent with a knack for using chemical devices to daze her enemies.

Viper's abilities in Valorant.
Viper can deal damage and daze her enemies with her array of poison-themed abilities.

Plenty of fans have taken a liking to Viper’s relentless personality. While she comes across as a bloodthirsty Agent, who’ll stop at nothing to take down her enemies on the battlefield.

Some of the Controller Agent’s quips draw parallels with Apex Legends’ fan-favorite, Caustic. Viper can be heard saying “no one can hold their breath forever” when deploying her Ultimate Ability, which shares a very similar persona to that of the Apex Games’ Toxic Trapper.

Although, Issabel Cosplay has perhaps encapsulated Viper in real life with her stunning cosplay. Complete with Viper’s trademark mask, the cosplayer has paid close attention to detail with this one.

Drawing comparisons between Viper’s in-game appearance and Issabel’s cosplay shows just how well the cosplayer has done to bring the Agent to life.

Paying close attention to Viper’s mask, Issabel has even outlined the filters on either side, which is identical to how Viper appears in-game.

To top it off, the cosplayer even executed the makeup to perfection. Complete with Viper’s green eye shading and the quirky flicks, it almost looks like Riot’s Agent has been plucked straight out of their game and brought to life.

Issabel even streamed the beta on Twitch while donning the mask, and playing as the real Viper.

With Valorant still in its beta stages, it’s only a matter of time before more cosplays of fans’ favorite Agents come flooding in… Especially considering this was welcomed with open arms on the Valorant subreddit.

If you’re looking to participate in Valorant’s closed beta, follow our guide on how to play Riot’s highly anticipated tactical shooter.