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Valorant dominates during beta with new Twitch viewership milestone

Published: 8/Apr/2020 1:09

by Bill Cooney


Valorant has already set a major Twitch milestone by helping the platform to more than 4 million viewers at one time, and it almost dethroned League of Legends in the process.

The closed beta for Riot Games’ new team-based shooter went live on April 7, and the only way for most people to get a shot at gaining access was to watch the game on Twitch to try and get a drop.

Because of this, and the insane amount of hype with it finally coming out, Valorant saw over 1.7 million concurrent Twitch viewers on Tuesday, and came close to taking League of Legend’s top peak-viewership spot.

Over 1.7 million viewers at once was enough to surpass Fortnite’s peak of 1.69 million during the 2019 World Cup, which was a record-setting event in its own right.

Even though it didn’t set a milestone on its own, Valorant definitely contributed to an all-time milestone of 4 million concurrent viewers on the platform.

Despite climbing to within 50,000 peak viewers of LoL, it wasn’t able to take the top spot, but for a game on its first real day of being streamed on Twitch, over 1.7 million people watching at once and a new Twitch record aren’t half bad at all.

Valorant dominated Twitch on April 7, the first day its closed beta was live.

Looking at it from Riot’s perspective, the developers have to be pretty happy that it’s their two games that currently hold first and second place for peak viewers on the platform.

Valorant probably could have gotten even more viewers, and maybe even broken the record, had Riot not blocked esports organizations from streaming the beta on launch day.

Esports players blocked from streaming Valorant closed beta
Riot Games
Riot said not allowing esports organizations to stream Valorant on launch day was so there was no “competitive advantage.”

Riot still gave teams beta access, but requested that they not stream until April 8, so that players had “equal opportunity” to get access from drops on the 7th from the content creators that had already been streaming.

If you weren’t one of the lucky few to get access on April 7, don’t panic. Riot have confirmed they’ll be staggering access to the beta and will be sending out additional invites as the servers become able to handle the additional players.


Riot gives update on Valorant ranked leaderboards ahead of Episode 2

Published: 21/Oct/2020 6:02

by Andrew Amos


Riot has given Valorant players an update on the game’s ranked leaderboards ahead of the release of Episode 2. While there’s currently no ETA on the project, they aim to have it out in the next major release.

Public leaderboards have been one of the most-requested features in Valorant. Ranked grinders have really had nothing to play for other than their triangles, and once the best players hit Radiant, there’s really nothing going for them.

Leaderboards have been touted as one possible solution to Valorant’s ranked problem. It gives players something to grind for, motivating them to try and hit and hold Rank 1 ⁠— or whatever their goal may be.

Riot has dodged the topic on a number of occasions, but the conversation came back into the limelight on October 20 after the developers shared a number of regional leaderboards. They showcased the top 100 players across North America, Europe, and more.

While their leaderboards were lacking metrics like MMR and otherwise, it was the first real taste of what it could look like in Valorant.

The regional leaderboards piqued the community’s interest in Riot potentially turning around and dropping the feature in game ahead of Episode 2 ⁠— the next major update.

However, lead developer Joe Ziegler has tempered those expectations.

“For those of you who want leaderboards in game, we’re currently working on that feature. We don’t have an ETA yet, but we are working on it. Will update you when we get closer to landing it,” he told players on Twitter.

It comes after Riot teased “a public, region-based leaderboard” was on its way in their Act 3 Competitive Changes preview. However, they didn’t put a time on it ⁠— just the fact they’ve started work on it.

They also teased what the leaderboard could look like potentially, including a Top 500 section for Radiant players, and breaking down what the ladder looked like during each Act. It’s a similar system to Overwatch’s ranked ladder.

Top 500 ranked leaderboard in Valorant
Riot Games
Riot has showcased a prototype of in-game leaderboards before.

So, if you’re hanging out for leaderboards, they’re just around the corner.

For now though, keep grinding, and you never know ⁠— you could find yourself highlighted in the Top 100, or Top 500, once they actually launch.