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Dr Disrespect roasts Valorant’s movement with hilarious parody sketch

Published: 8/Apr/2020 6:21

by Brad Norton


Dr Disrespect seems to already have his gripes with Valorant despite it only being in beta. In particular, the streamer took aim at the title’s movement mechanics, roasting them with a hilarious IRL parody.

The two-time blockbuster video game champion is never one to shy away from sharing his opinion on any new release. Settling into the record-setting first day of Valorant’s beta, the streaming sensation already has one major gripe.

Rather than simply expressing his concerns, Doc instead decided to jump around in a hilarious IRL parody to get his point across.

Esports players blocked from streaming Valorant closed beta
Riot Games
Valorant’s closed beta only just kicked off on April 7 and Dr Disrespect has already found his first major gripe.

Roughly 14 hours into the beta of Riot’s highly-anticipated FPS title, Dr Disrespect appeared to reach his breaking point while failing to hit a shot with the Operator sniper.

“You’ve gotta sit like a f***ing statue to shoot this f***ing weapon,” he yelled after being gunned down by an opposing Phoenix.

Relocating to his custom locker room, Doc jumped around like a maniac to vent his frustrations. He continued by yelling everyone in the game is “bunny hopping,” and that “you can’t even fire the sniper.”

With his trusty pocket knife equipped, he imitated Valorant’s characters as though no one walked. Instead, he said, everyone in the game is jumping at all times.

His team still managed to win the round decisively too, despite his comedic outburst.

“Calm down Doc,” he joked at the beginning of the next round. “We’re having a good time. We’re up 10-2. I’m blowing everyone else out of the water with my K/D ratio.”

Taking a moment to reflect on the fiery parody, he played into the character, joking that Dr Disrespect has “some psychological problems” when it comes to competitive games like Valorant.

That wasn’t the only incident that got him out of his chair during the day one Valorant beta stream however. Doc also imitated the game’s movement in a different way after being one tapped by an opposing Raze.

“I mean, strafing, moving, the animation of the character…I…” he cut off before transitioning back to the locker room once again.

This time, instead of bunny hopping, Dr Disrespect roasted the game’s strafing animation. Holding his hands out like a weapon while his legs looked like those of a classic marionette, he slid across the ‘locker room’ floor.

After streaming live for over 14 hours on the very first day of Valorant’s beta, it’s clear that Doc didn’t want to miss out on the record-shattering hype.

While it’s still early days yet, and he certainly has his gripes about the game’s movement on day one, it looks like Dr Disrespect will be sinking his teeth into the new release for quite some time — despite the game’s “stupid” mechanics.


TheGrefg breaks Ninja’s world record for most-viewed Twitch stream

Published: 2/Dec/2020 1:27

by Bill Cooney


Spanish streamer ‘TheGrefg’ has broken Ninja’s world record for most people watching a Twitch stream during the Galactus Fortnite event.

David ‘TheGrefg’ Cánovas made Twitch history while streaming the Galactus event, which marked the end of Fortnite season 4, when he had more people watching him at once than any other individual Twitch streamer ever has in history.

The Spaniard was watching and reacting to the event, and captures appear to confirm that he reached a total of 660,000 people watching his stream at the same time before Twitch unfortunately crashed.

Twitter: @ArnauVidal
A screenshot showing Grefg surpassing 660K viewers.

The previous record you might remember was held by Ninja from when he teamed up with rapper Drake, where the duo peaked at 635k viewers at once while playing Fortnite back in 2018.

This insane amount of simultaneous viewers in a broadcast was almost double the figures of the previous record, held by  DrDisrespect — now streaming on YouTube — when he had 338,000 during his return stream in February 2018.

Grefg looking over his Twitch stats from Dec. 1

Now, the title for most-watched stream on Twitch now belongs to TheGrefg, and while there are no official figures yet, screenshots and clips definitely seem to indicate the streamer managed to bring in than 660,000 people simultaneously.

Grefg was far from the only streamer posting impressive viewer counts during the Galactus event, which actually “broke” Twitch and caused the site to temporarily crash following the big reveal. This is the big reason why the official viewer count, while definitely impressive, isn’t exactly known just yet.

The event itself officially closed out Fortnite Season 4, with the Season 5 update arriving at 9 PM PT / 12 AM ET / 5 AM GMT on Wednesday, December 2, according to Epic Games, with downtime expected to last all the way up to 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET / 9 AM GMT.

After that, the brand new season will kick off, and Fortnite fans — including Grefg — will get to check out all of the new content. Whether the streamer will be able to repeat his impressive record-breaking feat remains to be seen, but we certainly wish him the best of luck.