Valorant players have weapon skins picked out for Arcane Season 2 bundle

Declan Mclaughlin

Riot Games and Netflix have teased Season 2 of Arcane, and Valorant players have assembled a wish list for what skins should be added to the FPS based on the hit animated show.

When Arcane Season 1 hit Netflix, Riot rolled out a host of cosmetics across its games inspired by the show. Valorant players could purchase a Sheriff skin, aptly called “Arcane Sheriff,” based on the gun Jinx used in the series.

The skin’s limited availability was exclusive to the Arcane event, so players have not been able to purchase it since.

With Arcane Season 2 releasing in November 2024, players on Reddit shared a list of skins they think should be added to Valorant this time around.

league of legends lol arcane caitlyn skin

The most popular skin suggestion in the post was Caitlyn’s sniper rifle. The League of Legends and Arcane character uses a scoped rifle to take down crooks and could easily be added to Valorant as an Operator or Outlaw skin.

“Caitlyn Outlaw fits so perfectly, I would be surprised if they do not make it a reality,” one Reddit user said.

Other users also suggested Riot release multiple skins in celebration of Season 2 modeled after the three main characters Vi, Jinx, and Jace.

“Honestly make it a bundle with Jinx’s odin, Vi’s Gloves, and Jayce’s Hammer,” another person wrote.

The previous Arcane bundle in Valorant only included one gun skin, along with a Gun Buddy, Player Card, Player Title, and Spray.

Riot has gotten more ambitious with its melee skins and weapon cosmetics since Arcane Sheriff dropped in 2021. So, crafting a multi-gun skin bundle featuring weapons from the main characters doesn’t seem that far out of the realm of possibility for the show’s second season.

However, players and fans of the show will have to wait and see what kind of goodies Riot decides to showcase in Valorant around Arcane Season 2’s release date.

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