Valorant cosplayer dismisses the competition as alluring Reyna - Dexerto

Valorant cosplayer dismisses the competition as alluring Reyna

Published: 7/Dec/2021 10:58

by Lauren Bergin


Valorant’s Reyna is Riot Games’ resident vampire queen, and one cosplayer has chosen to stalk the shadows in a stunning cosplay of the Mexican Agent. 

If there’s one Agent that has sparked controversy within Riot Games’ flagship FPS, Valorant, it’s Mexico’s finest Duelist, Reyna.

With the likes of Twitch star and CSGO legend, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek claiming that the vampiric Agent sits at the top of the meta, as well as a host of appearances at the Valorant Champions Tour, the life-sucking villainess has climbed back up the tier list to reclaim her throne after a series of brutal nerfs.


Celebrating the return of the queen, Indonesian cosplayer alexander_bella (Bella) has created a stunning rendition Reyna that proves she is, indeed, Valorant’s Empress.

valorant reyna with singularity knife
Riot Games
Forged in the heart of Mexico, Reyna is one of Valorant’s most fearsome Agents.

Valorant Reyna cosplay drains the life from her enemies

Writing that “at first I saw a friend of mine play this game and I really interested to try myself,” she tells Dexerto that once she took her first steps on Future Earth she “fell in love with all of the designs and concepts in and out of the game.”

Confessing that she “can’t even play Reyna in game,” her love for the character began after “one of my friends who usually plays Valorant with me always picked her to be his main Agent. So, I often see her in game. I really love her voice lines, her bold attitude, the character design, the skill set, and how other Agents call her ‘queen.'”


Speaking of queens, Bella’s perfect rendition of Reyna plants her firmly on the Valorant cosplay throne. Sporting a Bucky-inspired shotgun, deep violent energy swirls around her sharpened, talon-like fingertips. Every tattoo is perfectly recreated, stretching up her arms and beneath her now iconic black and violet jumpsuit.

With every single golden accessory beautifully crafted, from that flowing ebony hair to every stud on her gothic-style leather outfit, Bella has nailed this look.


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Noting that she “usually commissions some of [her] friends who are majoring in costume and props making,” she explains that “I am the one who helped the in painting and providing the details for every part. I styled the wig and did the makeup by myself, and then we were ready to go!”



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It turns out, though, that Bella’s Valorant-inspired cosplays likely won’t end with Reyna (although she will always be the Empress, of course.)

When Dexerto asked if we’d see more of Future Earth’s heroes brought to life, she replied with an enthusiastic “YESSSSSS! It’s kind of hard to choose actually. I really wanna try to cosplay as Jett… Maybe Sage? Or even Skye? I can’t even decide which one should I do next. I just love them all!”

Whichever character she chooses, we’re sure she’ll absolutely one-shot the competition! On a personal note, though, we’d love to see Bella don Skye’s fiery red locks – but that’s maybe because there would likely be cute animals involved.