The Witcher cosplayer stops time as spell-binding princess Ciri

Isaac McIntyre
CD Projekt Red / Instagram: Nagra

The Witcher cosplayer Narga has stopped time with her latest Ciri costume, unveiling her spell-binding take on the fan-favorite princess. It may just be the most accurate cosplay of the sassy Witcher we’ve seen yet!

Ciri has always been a fan-favorite from the Witcher franchise, but her popularity has only skyrocketed since she played a huge role in CD Projekt’s The Witcher 3, and appeared as a sassy youngster in the Netflix adaptation’s first season.

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The magical princess is a favorite for Witcher cosplayers around the world, in part due to her iconic battle-hardened look. She dons traveling gear like her mentor the White Wolf, and gives off a special “badass” aura to boot.

Ciri has always been a Witcher fan-favorite, but her role in CD Projekt Red's game and the Netflix series has shot her to even greater heights.CD Projekt Red
Sassy Witcher princess Ciri has always been a franchise fan-favorite.

The Witcher cosplayer unveils spellbinding Ciri

Among those Witcher fans who love cosplaying Ciri was cosplay model ‘Nagra,’ who unveiled her latest take on the magical heroine on Instagram earlier this month.

We’ll admit, the first time we saw Nagra’s cosplay on Instagram, we were actually fooled into thinking it was a screenshot from The Witcher 3. Her Ciri cosplay is just that good!

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The main focus of the cosplay is Ciri’s makeup. She’s referred to as “the ugly one” in many of the series’ novels, due to her huge red scar across the left side of her face. Nagra captured it perfectly, and it stands out in every photo.

Ciri’s iconic scar isn’t the only part of the cosplay that stood out either though. Nagra pulled on the character’s usual white and brown tunic, and added her knee-high tan boots to finish off the full character outfit.

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The pièce de résistance, however, was the well-worn look that Nagra had in her Ciri cosplay; it really did look like the cosplayer had been fighting in the forests of Brokilon.

Nagra, who put together both the Ciri costume and stunning makeup, joked the best way to get the “flawless” weathered look ⁠she had in her photos— taken by Kmitenkova —  is to “go to the forest… lie down, and roll with dirt and wet grass.”

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Nagra’s Ciri cosplay draws a crowd

The Witcher cosplayer also shared a lovely little anecdote alongside her Ciri costume reveal: she took many of the photos in Vyborg, a town in Russia. While she was there, many Witcher fans approached her to take photos.

“Many people recognized the character, told me kind words, and asked me to take pictures with them,” she said. “Usually all this thing happens only at conventions… maybe it’s because The Witcher 3 is extremely popular and loved in Russia.”

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Nagra is far from the only cosplayer to have unveiled a Witcher costume recently too; German cosplayer Saftigesgnu appeared as enchantress Yennefer late last month. Silvercos also whipped up a Geralt cosplay, complete with Roach too.

Ciri seems to be a big favorite for the Witcher game developers too. Last time Nagra put together a cosplay of the princess, CD Projekt Red actually commented on the costume; they congratulated her, and dubbed it “awesome.”

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