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League of Legends cosplayer takes to the stage as stunning K/DA Akali

Published: 3/Sep/2020 8:47 Updated: 3/Sep/2020 9:00

by Isaac McIntyre


League of Legends cosplayer Andrasta has done it again, stunning the internet with her amazing K/DA bad girl Akali cosplay. Now all she needs is a bit of spray paint and she’s pretty much good to go!

Riot’s K-pop music group K/DA burst onto the scene in late 2018, and has been a go-to for League cosplayers around the world ever since. The quartet returned after a two-year hiatus last week too, releasing comeback single “The Baddest.”


One of the standout stars of the group is Akali, voiced by (G)I-dle’s Soyeon in both of K/DA’s tracks. It was the K/DA rapper that drew cosplay star Andrasta’s attention, and she dropped her own fiery cosplay take on Akali on Instagram.

K/DA's spunky rapper Akali is voiced by (G)I-dle Soyeon in
Riot Games
K/DA’s spunky rapper Akali is voiced by (G)I-dle Soyeon in “POP/STARS” and “The Baddest.”

K/DA cosplayer takes the stage as Akali

Akali’s signature K/DA outfit is mainly made up of whites and golds. The League singer dons a purple K/DA cap for her tracks, while sporting a huge, shiny half-cut coat that hangs off her during the original POP/STARS video clip.


Andrasta had all that on display in her stunning cosplay and plenty more ⁠— the LoL cosplayer certainly captured Akali’s sassy attitude in her September 2 shots. The model made sure to pair that ‘tude with some stunning white makeup too.

Finally, the cosplay came together thanks to Akali’s huge purple hair and a smattering of gold bangles and accessories. Andrasta finished it all off with ripped back dancing pants, and the K/DA Akali cosplay look was basically complete.


No K/DA Akali cosplay is complete without a big splash of spray-paint though. In the group’s POP/STARS video clip, the rapper is seen wielding glow in the dark paint during parts of the track. So, of course, Andrasta did the same too:

Akali cosplay takes Andrasta back to the past

Andrasta’s August appearance as K/DA rapper Akali wasn’t actually her first time dressing up as the band member ⁠— but that’s the point! The cosplayer admitted she “loves” to go back to the past for many of her costumes to “improve them.”


“I really like to make the same costumes after a few years, I see my progress with my sewing skill, photography, my body, and makeup,” the cosplay model said on September 1.

This Akali cosplay was actually two years in the making too, Andrasta revealed. She began work right after her first one, because she “didn’t like the final effect” of her first piece.She added, “I’m glad I could finally make this cosplay better!”

K/DA’s comeback single will also be followed up by an EP for the K-pop group. Riot’s head of music Toa Dunn has teased it will have “tons of surprises for League and K/DA fans”. It will be released during Worlds 2020.


Awkward Apex Legends Wraith cosplay gets Respawn’s stamp of approval

Published: 16/Oct/2020 6:52 Updated: 16/Oct/2020 7:03

by Theo Salaun


Wraith may be Apex Legends’ most popular character for her edgy, troubled look and attitude, but Respawn Entertainment couldn’t help but approve when a cosplayer reinvented the interdimensional skirmisher’s personality while perfecting her signature look.

Popularly shrouded in purple and black, with metal studs, raven black hair, and whited-out eyes, Wraith has a spooky, edgy aesthetic. The character’s lore and personality fit the look, too, as she was a prisoner who had experiments conducted upon her before waking up as an amnesiac with faint, mysterious voices in her head.


While Wraith looks like the inspiration for many of Hot Topic and Dolls Kill’s darker collections, a Twitch streamer and cosplayer by the name of ‘NessPhace’ has subverted her personality while identically mimicking her look. The NessPhace Wraith is less “Interdimensional Skirmisher” and, instead, a little closer in attitude to the teenagers who frequent the aforementioned shops.

Combining a seamless interpretation of Wraith’s aesthetic with the popular socially awkward memes of this year, the official Apex Legends Twitter account couldn’t help but respond and play along with NessPhace’s cosplay.


In Apex Legends, Wraith has brooding, troubled voice lines. She says stuff like, “There’s a thin line between life and death. You can find me there.” Or she’ll even deliver some dramatic, angsty quips like she just finished reading an existentialist Friedrich Nietzsche piece: “Death… like winter… is unavoidable.”

But while NessPhace’s cosplay has her looking just like the fatalistic Void-walker, her personality is a little closer to a teenage scene kid shyly flirting: “What if we both took portal? JK…unless.”

Pointer fingers directed inward, awkwardly rotating in her epic gamer chair, the NessPhace Wraith is one that wants to share portals to the Void together. That makes her cosplay a very stark departure from the infamous TTV Wraiths who prefer to drop by themselves and leave as soon as they’re killed.

wraith apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
Wraith is a very spooky character, in-game at least.

Aside from the community reaction, which has been overwhelmingly positive, to NessPhace’s new-look Wraith, even Respawn Entertainment got involved. The battle royale title’s official Twitter account responded to her tweet with a simple message: “Unless…”

As of yet, the game’s writers have not confirmed whether or not this new attitude may make its way into the game. But it would be a pretty funny contrast from the somber, nihilistic Wraith we’re all so familiar with.