Witcher 3 dev praises cosplayer for incredible Ciri outfit

Daniel Cleary
CD Projekt / Narga_lifestream

CD Projekt Red developer Marcin Momot praised cosplayer Natalia ‘Narga’ Kochetkova for her incredible take on Ciri from the popular ‘The Witcher’ series.

After CD Projekt Red confirmed that they were scheduled to work on a sequel to the award-winning game, The Witcher 3, many fans have started to build hype around the franchise yet again.

The release of The Witcher series on Netflix has also been quite successful in recent months and has inspired many creative fans to bring their favorite characters to life through cosplay and art.

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CD Projekt
Ciri is one of the fan-favorite characters in The Witcher 3.

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Among those creative fans was popular cosplayer ‘Narga,’ who wowed her followers with a stunning take on Cirilla from The Witcher 3.

Many of her followers highlighted the cosplayer’s incredible attention to detail, where she had even replicated the Princess’ iconic scar and was rocking an outfit that looks like it had been taken straight out of the game.

Narga was also wielding a replica of Ciri’s sword, ‘Zireael,’ which looked identical to the one that Geralt gave to Lion Cub of Cintra in the Witcher 3.

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The signature look of Ciri caught the attention of more than just Witcher fans, however, as CD Projekt Red dev, Marcin Momot, also revealed that he was blown away with the cosplay.

He reposted her custom made outfit for more fans of The Witcher to see and congratulated her for her “awesome work” on the cosplay.

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The popular cosplayer has also attempted to capture shots of Ciri’s ‘blink ability’ in action, with some more stunning photos that have been edited to mirror her in-game character.

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Despite the next Witcher game being quite far out from release, her cosplay of Ciri will surely add even more hype to fans anticipating The Witcher 3’s sequel.

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