Sneaky stuns fans with amazing LoL Star Guardian Xayah cosplay

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Zach ‘Sneaky’ Scuderi might not be playing much Xayah on the Rift for Cloud9 nowadays, but he’s still wowing fans with his skill on the champion ⁠— this time pulling off a perfect genderbend cosplay of the Vastayan’s Star Guardian skin.

Sneaky has taken some time off this year, stepping back from competitive League of Legends to focus on streaming independently.

However, with a bit more extra time on his hands, the former LCS pro has whipped up one of the best Star Guardian Xayah cosplays we’ve seen.

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Sneaky playing LCS for Cloud 9Colin Young-Wolff for Riot Games
Sneaky has been wowing the League community for years with his cosplays, but his latest Star Guardian Xayah costume might be his best.

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Sharing the cosplay on Twitter on January 26, Sneaky managed to pull of the Vastayan’s out-of-this-world costume superbly.

Featuring neon features and a perfectly manicured wig with ears and all, Sneaky looked just like he stepped off the Rift as the champion he once dominated the LCS with.

The dress, made out of a mix of fabrics, is almost a perfect replica of the 1350 RP skin in-game, while he capped off the design with the wing-style cape a hallmark of Xayah and Rakan’s design.

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The cosplay has caught the attention of almost everyone in the League scene. His former team, Cloud9, replied to the tweet with the same phrase they always do “you’re so hot brother.” The team’s social media manager, ‘Portilho,’ even made an “I lost” joke, like many others in the community.

Much like the AD carry’s former cosplays, it’s likely his girlfriend, Esther Lynn, gave him a helping hand in designing the costumes, although a new photographer was on hand for the shoot in Martin Wong.

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However, Sneaky himself is no slacker, often showing off himself chipping in with cosplays, and even teasing fans by sometimes taking them on stream before they are completed.

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Sneaky has cosplayed plenty of female champions from League in the past, including K/DA Kai’Sa, K/DA Ahri, and Pool Party Caitlyn. On top of that, he has a Patreon with almost 1,500 supporters, sharing plenty more of his cosplay pics from across gaming and anime fandoms.

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Fans of Sneaky might not have to wait long for his next cosplaying endeavor, with the AD carry having a bit more spare time since leaving the LCS.

While he’s been taking up streaming League of Legends full-time, he might tap into his cosplay fandom and show the design process of a few of his costumes live on stream for everyone to enjoy, especially if he keeps receiving rapturous applause.

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