Sneaky casts a spell with wicked Fate/Grand Order Nero maid cosplay

Colin Young-Wolff for Riot Games/Sega

League of Legends streamer Zach ‘Sneaky’ Scuderi stunned social media with his take on Fate/Grand Order’s Nero with a maid cosplay for the ages.

Sneaky, who was formerly a League of Legends pro with Cloud9, unveiled his cosplay on May 31 to applause from his followers.

“Nero maid cosplay,” he wrote and added a flushed emoji.

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Scuderi’s outfit came equipped with golden high heels, white nylons and a bright red eye-popping maid outfit.

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The outfit also consists of an apron with golden shoulders, maid headpiece, and a blonde wig.

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According to the streamer, he had his girlfriend, Esther Lynn, do his makeup and it shows as his lips have a nice pinkness to them in addition.

Finally, the photographer was SquareNoodles, who has a series of highly impressive cosplay pictures on his Instagram page.

Amusingly, in the other photo, the streamer went out of his way to promote G Fuel by holding up two containers.

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“With some bonus G Fuel xD,” he wrote on Instagram and added that he would be getting a new setup soon.

Fate/Grand Order is an extremely popular mobile Japanese role-playing game that has grossed over $4 billion worldwide as of 2019. Players take control of a “Master” and summon “Servants” to battle enemies. The series has been adapted into manga, films, and an anime series.

The League of Legends streamer is well-known for his variety of gender-bending cosplays including Star Guardian Xayah, Pool Party Caitlyn, K/DA Ahri, and more.

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While the world struggles with ongoing global events, it’s always good with Sneaky can come in and give us a smile through one of his dynamic cosplays.

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