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Pokemon Sword & Shield cosplayer makes a splash as Gym Leader Nessa

Published: 29/May/2020 19:29 Updated: 29/May/2020 21:57

by Brent Koepp


A talented cosplayer went viral when she transformed into the real life version of Nessa. The artist’s insanely accurate depiction of the water Gym Leader will leave you in awe.

Pokemon was ushered into its eighth generation with the 2019 release of Sword & Shield. The latest title had players exploring the Galar region for the very first time, and introduced new mechanics such as Dynamaxing and Raids.

A talented cosplay artist brought popular character Nessa to life with her jaw-dropping costume. The faithful portrayal of the Water-type Trainer is sure to make waves as it’s almost as if she’s jumped from out your Nintendo Switch.

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Sword & Shield introduced a new Water Gym Leader named Nessa.

Pokemon cosplayer brings Nessa to life

In the latest Pokemon, players are tasked with entering the Galar League after getting an endorsement from the reigning champion himself, Leon. The second Gym they take on is led by Nessa who is the Leader of the seaside town Hulbury.

Cosplayer Usagi ‘yourmooneye‘ shared her incredible take on the Water-type Trainer on Instagram. Photographer ‘bizco88’ captured the artist posing with her Dive Ball while in the character’s battle uniform. The ocean backdrop ties the whole piece together.

The shot is so incredible, it could easily be mistaken for an official live-action remake of the Pokemon game. The cosplayer absolutely nails her black braided hairstyle, and even included the blue highlights that drape down her shoulders.

The artist shared a side by side comparison with a screenshot from the RPG, to show how accurate her portrayal of the Gym Leader really is. She perfectly re-created her aquatic-inspired swimwear which she character uses for her battle jersey.

In one last shot, yourmoon again mimics the Gym Leader’s in-game stance as she holds her Pokeball. The amount of detail in her work is simply astonishing – from her necklace, to her waist jewelry, this one of the best Nessa cosplays we’ve ever seen.

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In May, it was announced that Sword & Shield is quickly on track to becoming the third highest selling game in the RPG’s long-running franchise. Proof that the addicting Catch ‘Em All mechanics are as popular as they ever were.

Fans of the eighth generation title have a lot to be excited for in 2020. The release is seeing two new expansion DLCs, with the Isle of Armor making its debut next month. The second addon, The Crown Tundra, looks to be dropping this Fall.


My Hero Academia cosplayer hits a Comet Home Run as Ochaco Uraraka

Published: 18/Jan/2021 7:05

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Ochaco Uraraka is one of the most charming characters in My Hero Academia, but even though she’s a popular pick in the cosplay community, it’s hard to find an outfit that looks as awesome as this one.

Ochaco Uraraka was first introduced in the third episode of My Hero Academia, and fans have loved her ever since. Generally, she’s upbeat, positive, laid-back, and a little air-headed at times.

However, she can be extremely determined and focused at times, and hates being underestimated. Plus, she has an incredible quirk known as ‘Zero Gravity.’ It lets her make specific targets immune to the effects of gravity and can be used in a variety of ways. 

Uraraka is a favorite among fans due to her sweet personality.

Ochaco’s hero costume is made up of a black bodysuit with a pink design down the middle. It also has two black circles on her chest, a black rectangle below her waist, and two pink patches over her shoulders. She also wears pink armbands, a choker, a belt, wrist guards, and knee-high boots.

It’s one of the most iconic hero costumes in the show, and cosplayers love re-creating it as authentically as they can. However, a cosplayer named honeyrabbiit brought it to life in the most incredible way.


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The picture of honeyrabbiit’s cosplay has already generated more than 20,000 likes, which is insane. The numbers keep on rising. She also made it herself, except for the wig, which was made by bep.cosplays.

In fact, it was so well-received, she posed in it again alongside bep.cosplays, who also happened to be wearing an awesome Katsuki Bakugo costume. “All I remember is that I was freezing and I took a hot bath after this shoot,” she said.


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The second picture also has pulled more than 10,000 likes. It seems like My Hero Academia fans know an incredible cosplay when they see it, and won’t hesitate to pour in with support.

Of course, the epic photography from arcane_shutter in both shots was a nice touch, too. If we’ve learned anything from the show, it’s that a team effort can go a long way. The success of this honeyrabbiit’s cosplay is a good example of that.